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Basic Home Décor tips to decorate a Patio this New Year 2018


Most of the people want to enjoy winter by sitting on their patio. Some people want to sit in a sunny area and most of them want to sit in a small room which is situated in patio. When you decorate your home, never forget to revive your outdoor patio.  I am going to tell you some great ideas to decorate outdoor space in your budget.  This great collection of outdoor decorating ideas can help you to enhance the beauty of your patio, lawn into a beautiful extension of your home by providing extra space for entertain. Make your backyard more relaxing and entertaining by adding privacy, plants, modern light bulbs, handmade carpet. Find some basic tips which you should apply to your patio.

Create a sitting area: You feel awesome when you take tea and sit on your patio.  For creating a beautiful sitting area in your outdoor patio, follow the below ideas and take these accessories –

Home decor patio

  1. Install a handmade dhurrie or wool area rug: –You can begin your task by purchasing a magnificent handmade wool carpet or handmade dhurrie for your patio. Never use a handmade silk carpet for a patio because silk carpets are very expensive and exclusive. Handmade silk carpets are ideal for the bedroom and living room or we can say that for the less traffic area. Handmade wool carpet and handmade dhurries are less expensive than silk area rug and ideal for high traffic area. This is hand washable so you can clean it easily. Select your carpet according to your theme. If you want to give a natural look then you can use jute or hemp dhurries for it.
  2. Stylish Furniture:- You can use a stylish furniture with contemporary designs for your outdoor. If you don’t have enough money to buy exclusive furniture then you can simply take wooden chair and table. Place handmade area rug and put your table on it. After that, place your furniture on the carpet. Make sure that the front leg of your furniture should be on Handmade Area rug.  
  3. Lighting: – Add two table lamps beside your furniture. You can also add vibrant lights on the border of your patio.
  4. Add Pillows: – Add some extra pillows on furniture but make sure that the theme or color combination is similar to the color of the carpet.

home decor patio

Decorate the garden area of your patio: This is the second part of the patio. If you love to decorate your outdoor patio with greenish nature then you can follow this idea.  


  • Add some plants: – You can add some plants close to your veranda and also add a flower pot with fresh flowers on your table. You can also add some vegetables which have small plants or add punch to the garden borders around the patio with containers that offer extra color and texture. Add some climber tree which will cover your ceiling area or roof area of your home.
  • Create a Focal Point: If you want to impress your guest then you should create a focal point in your patio. You can use hanging flower pots on the wall or use a “One of kind” Handmade carpet as a focal point. It depends on you.


Follow the above ideas and give an outstanding look at your patio.

Author Bio- Shivani Singh

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    Some of the best ideas to decorate a Patio. The ideas you have given are just helpful. Thanks for posting such an informational blog.


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