Different Elements You Ought to Know About Funeral Costs

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Arranging for a funeral is perhaps the most difficult job just for the fact that it is a soul-draining activity with sadness engulfed. In such a state you will need to consider the emotional aspect of the bereaved and the grieving so that nothing is hurt and being the final rites, there will be no scope for any rectification of errors later. Moreover, to your surprise, a funeral can be a lot more expensive than you would have thought, often costing thousands of dollars. Therefore, when you have to consider a burial service, take care to know about the funeral costs and its breakdown. For this, you will have to know about the elements that involve in such pricing and those are:

  • Average cost of a funeral
  • Funeral director fees
  • Third party costs
  • Optional Costs

A thorough knowledge will help you to make the right choice.

Funeral Director Fees 

The most significant element of the funeral costs is the cost of the funeral director that will also vary both in the monetary value as well as the services that are covered. However, the funeral director fees will cover some typical aspects and therefore it is important that you check with the chosen funeral provider about the inclusions in the fees.

It should cover professional fees which involve the planning, arrangement, organizing, time and conducting the funeral process by the funeral director. These include:

  • Coordinating the funeral service
  • Organizing relevant administration and legal documents like death certificates, doctor’s certificates, cremation orders
  • Organize for music, organist, singers and others
  • Care and preparation of the deceased
  • Liaise with the clergy, crematoria, cemeteries, florists and others
  • Assist in the preplanning process

Other Elements of Costs 

There are some other elements of funeral costs as well. This includes:

  • Facilities and equipment cost
  • Cost of hiring the venue and staff
  • Mortuary fees
  • Chapel hire
  • Viewing room hire
  • Refreshment and catering

Transportation is also arranged and charged for if you need so and such transportation charges will include:

  • Transfer of the deceased
  • Hearse on the day of funeral
  • Transfer from funeral home to the crematorium or memorial park

There may be some additional cost if the vent is on a weekend or even outside usual business hours.

Other Elements to Spend On 

There are other things as well that will include the funeral costs and will vary according to the type of the coffin or casket you have ordered. You can get simple veneered particleboard ones to the most luxurious ones of metal or solid carved timber that is air and water resistant. You can also have personalized coffin or casket.

An urn is another thing that you will require to store and carry the ashes after cremation to the final resting place. These vary in prices due to the material, design, and construction

The cost of burial is also included and will vary on what sort of grave site you require, right of interment, opening and closing fees, maintenance and even on the state you live in. The cost of the memorial will depend on the shape, size and type of memorial you choose. It can be a headstone, a plaque, a tree, a bench or even a garden.

Funeral Pricing Checklist

Therefore, it is advised that you follow a checklist for funeral costs and pricing so that you can compare and choose the right funeral home. The elements to include in the checklist are simple disposition with immediate burial or cremation of the remains or traditional and full-service burial or cremation that includes funeral director and staff fees, transport, hearse embalming and other preparations along with other preparatory expenses.

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