Get The Perfect Match For Punjabi Boys And Girls


Marriage is the most auspicious part of life. In India it is seen as a sacred relationship. It is the start of a new life for the couple. Two people coming together for life is definitely romantic. What is not so romantic about marriages in India is the pre marriage phase which includes the search for the perfect bride or groom. Searching for the perfect partner for a marriage, is really tiring. This is especially true for the arranged marriages, where the parents and the society set certain standards for the potential groom or bride.

Finding boy / girl for marriage :

Usually the hunt for the boy or girl is a big responsibility which is self assumed by the relatives or the neighbours. If you a boy or a girl in your late or mid twenties, you might be well aware of the nosy aunties from your locality or relatives circle, constantly asking and nagging you to get married. They might even take it upon themselves to bring various ‘rishtas’ for you.

Another way of finding a suitable match is the matrimonial sites.

Create an account on any matrimonial site, upload your complete profile, specifying what are the things you are looking for in your life partner. You can check the profile of other prospective matches, fix a meeting and see how it goes. You might or might not like the person, but there is no harm in trying.

People generally search the matrimonial sites for finding a match in the same religion or community. For example most of the matrimonial searches read Punjabi boys for marriage, or, Punjabi girl matrimonial, and similarly hindu boy/girl wanted for marriage.

Matrimonial profile specifications (general) :

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Educational qualifications
  • Profession
  • Community /caste
  • Height
  • Hobbies
  • Photograph
  • Region or city
  • Contact information (phone number or email id etc.)

Other than the above listed specifications, you can give your detailed bio, writing about your likes and dislikes, interests other talents etc. While searching for a potential marriage partner, people usually narrow down the options using various criteria like caste, religion employment etc. Some people even go to the extent of specifying the complexion and the profession preferred. For example, you might come across matrimonial advertisements looking for a ‘ fair hindu boy, computer engineer….. ‘ or ‘ fair complexioned working girl required, should know how to cook……… ‘ etc.

You can get yourself registered with a renowned and reliable marriage bureau, online or offline and start looking for your significant other.

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