How to Choose Approach Shoes- Types, Tips and Selection


Mostly known as hiking shoes or climbing shoes- one can call approach shoes the combination of them both. These types of shoes are the best pick, if you’re adventurous and want no distraction during your adrenaline rush. As the name suggests, these are the best ones to wear if you’re going to approach the hill climbing or for trekking/hiking. Most of the times people ignore and wear sports shoes, regardless of the purpose they serve. Which is why we have accumulated every piece of information in our article about the right kind of approach shoes that you should opt for if you’re planning to go on an adventurous trip soon? The market is full of best approach shoes and you can refer to this review.  This guide will help you to understand and discuss the critical points to judge the pair you’re going to buy.

Types of approach shoes

There are lot many types of footwear that help when you’re walking in the mountains. The roads are sloppy, rocky, wet from rain and curvy, which is why you need to understand the types of shoes there are available in the market.

  • Hiking boots- If you’re looking for something that provides more stability to your ankle, then these are for you. These help to cover more ground area and provide better protection to the foot.
  • Mountaineering boots- Stiff, burly and giant- these are three words that best explain these awesome boots. Widely used for rock climbing, this one is the best option if you’re going to a place with cold temperature.
  • Trail runners- If you’re a runner and are looking for something with the not sticky sole, then this might be your pick. Owned mostly for runners, these aren’t much durable but do provide more support when running.
  • Hiking shoes- Providing better friction on the slippy rocks, these are the ones with sticky soles that help while climbing the rocks or roads. This one is a hybrid between approach and hiking shoes.
  • Approach shoes- This is a cross-over of all of the above. They fit snugly, provide the best grip on the ground and are durable. There are shoes with sticky soles and one without sticky feet. It depends on you which ones you would want to use.

How to select the best ones

  1. Look out for the soles- an essential part of the approach shoes are the soles. You need to look at the bottoms and determine if they are precisely matching the reference. There are many different types of soles that serve various purposes, sticky and flat ones. Their parts you need to look out for are heel brakes, climbing zone, arch support and flat soles.
  2. Climbing ability- The type of rubber used in the approach shoes tells clearly how much it will benefit while climbing. They should provide enough grip while being, so they won’t let you slip down while being highly flexible. Along with this, one should look for patterns and lug size. The climbing ability of shoes also depends on the type of climate too.
  3. Check the tops- check the lacing pattern, midsole cushioning, rubber rands on the front and the heel loop. The top is as important as the soles.

These were some of the critical selection points you’ll need to look out for if you’re going to approach shoes.

Tips for selection

As an addition here are some of the tips that will help you while you buy approach shoes-

  • Breathable- it’s important that the shoes you buy should be breathable and not suffocate your foot. If it’s not airy, it will lead to sweating which is highly dangerous and not suitable for rock climbing or running.
  • Waterproof- one of the most crucial aspects and ultimate requirement of shoes are that they need to be waterproof. It’s always raining on the mountains and with water streams and falls all over; you need to be assured that your approach shoes will not get wet as it will only slow you down and make you uncomfortable.
  • Weightless- it needs to be weightless so that you can move with the ultimate ease. It reduces fatigue no matter what type of trails are there.

•    Durable- what’s the value of a shoe if it is not sustainable. Pick one which is most durable.


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