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Morocco is one of the well-known African Country for its attractive cities where thousands of visitors land to enjoy the charms and cultural heritage. This country has gained a lot of developments in the recent few years. Its cities, environment, employment opportunities, airports and even markets in the major cities like Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Fez, has improved. Many visitors really discuss their adventurous travel stories on their social media platforms after landing on the modern airports of Morocco. Some of the most developed and international airports are listed below:

  • Mohammed V International Airport:

One of the most famous, busiest and international Airport is in Casablanca, named as Muhammad V international airport.  Situated in Nouaceur Province and is operated by ONDA (National Airports Office). In August 2014, ONDA stated a year-on-year increase of 7.28% traveler traffic, to 918,238.

With this objective under 8 million traveler’s transient through the airport in 2014, it was the jam-packed airport in Morocco and the fourth fullest in Africa. The airport serves as central travel terminal for Morocco’s flag carrier Royal Air Marco, Air Arabia Marco and RAM Express. It is named after King Mohammed V of Morocco.

  • Marrakesh Menara Airport:

An international airport, serving Marrakesh and its nearby areas. It is a worldwide facility that obtains by numerous European flights as well as flights from Casablanca and some of the Arab world states. The airport served over 4 million travelers in the year 2014.

The airport was used by the United States Army Air Forces during World War II and also used as a hub for cargo, transiting aircraft and personnel. It worked as a layover track to Casablanca Landing field or to Agadir Airport on the North African Cairo-Dakar carriage route for cargo, transiting aircraft and staffs.

In 2012, Menara Airport was formally two passenger terminals, but these are collective to form one large terminal. A third terminal is being constructed and now is in running condition. The existing both another offer a space of 42.000 m2 and has a considered capacity of 4.5 million passengers per year.

Aircraft parking space of 125,000 square meters (1,345,489 sq ft) chains up to fourteen Boeing 737s and four Boeing 747s. The shipment terminal is 340 m2 (3,660 sq ft) of enclosed space.The paved airstrip or runway is laid out in the 10/28 direction and is 3,100 by 45 meters (10,171 ft. × 148 ft.). It can accept all modern jetliners up to the Boeing 747 in size.

  • Agadir–Al Massira Airport

It is an international airport serving Agadir which is the main city in southwest Morocco and the capital of Souses-Massa district. In 2007, Al Massira International Airport was served to 1,502,094 passengers. In later years, Agadir and its tourism rumbled, having new flights presented to Al Massira from new airports from the great United Kingdom and beautiful Ireland.

  • Fes–Saïss Airport:

It is an international airport serving Fez, the capital city of the fez and Meknes, both region in Morocco. The airport controlled nearly 500,000 passengers in 2008 but now in recent years, developments have been made to this terminal. The airport is at an altitude of 1,900 feet above mean sea level. It has one runway elected 09/27 with an asphalt surface calculating 3,200 by 45 meters (10,499 ft. × 148 ft.).

  • Rabat–Salé Airport:

It is also an international airport situated in the city of Sale, serving as well its sister town Rabat, the capital city of Morocco.

It is a combined use public and military airport, also hosting the First Air Base of the Royal Moroccan Air Force. The airport is situated about 8 kilometers east-northeast of Rabat and about 90 km northeast of Casablanca. All these international airports are serving thousands of locals and worldwide visitors in their family holidays to morocco.


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