Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems


Pregnancy phase is a beautiful and life experience for all the women. It is the best time of their life. One expects glow to the skin and gorgeous bump but it is not true for all the women. Each woman experiences different things during the pregnancy. There are quite embarrassing problems which might occur. Here we have shared how to deal with those embarrassing situations.

Gas problem

It is a common issue that women face, gas and burping. As belly becomes tight, it influences the digestive system. The easy way to handle this is to eat a small portion of meals at frequent intervals. Avoid eating the large portion of a meal at one time as you will feel gassy and bloated. Avoid greasy and oily snacks. Always follow a 20-minute brisk walk after each meal. This is a normal thing which happens to almost all the pregnant women.

Linea Nigra

It is a dark line seen on the belly. Don’t worry due to change in pregnancy hormones oestrogen, the skin becomes pigmented. This result in Linea Nigra and you will notice it in your second and third trimester. There is no relief from this effect during the pregnancy, however, after the childbirth; it fades away in few weeks.

Itchy Nipples

With time you will notice itchiness on breast and nipple. Not only you will notice the increase in size but also find the skin very sensitive. There are few best maternity hospitals in South Delhi who offers good medication during pregnancy. You can get the prescribed cream to tackle the itching problem. You can also apply vitamin E body lotion or oil to prevent itching. It is advised to wear free and comfortable clothes if you face itching issues. Instead of wearing the lacy bra, wear cotton nursing bra or camisole.

Nausea and vomiting

This is also a common problem. Few are lucky who do not have nausea or vomiting issues.  Around 85% of women face this issue during the first trimester. Some expectant mom feels morning sickness and some feel queasy 24/7. Eat a small portion of meals in regular interval so that gas is not formed and you don’t feel nausea. Avoid eating junk or oily food. Nausea can go with time after few weeks or it can stay throughout the pregnancy. You need to consult a doctor if you can’t take anything down. If you are residing in Delhi there are some reputed and best gynaecologist in south Delhi whom you can consult during pregnancy.

Leakage of Urine

Leakage of urine is faced during the second trimester. Many women complain leakage of urine during sneezing or giggling. This happens as baby puts pressure on your bladder. Practice key gel exercise at least 10 sets several times a day to minimize this issue. It is suggested that women can wear a panty liner to avoid an embarrassing situation. It is advised to visit a doctor if you feel burning sensation during pee.

These are few embarrassing situations expected mom might feel. That is why pregnancy phase is a different phase of every woman.


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