Popular Ways You Can Surprise Your Girlfriend And Steal Her Heart Right Away!


You might have given her expensive Zara dresses, exorbitant Michael Kors Wristwatch, and other luxury gifts on her special days like birthdays and anniversaries. And these gifts must have made her happy and she must be wearing each of these now and then. However, there’s another set of surprises that you can plan for her and no matter how you plan each of these, they will never fail to make your girl feel exhilarated and will let you bag up appreciation every time she recalls about your efforts in front of her friends and family. Wishing to know which surprises are we talking about?

Well, previously curated from our surprises bible, we are about to disclose not one but many ways you can make her fall head over heels and reach out to her and her heart like never before.

Keep Scrolling. Keep Making Her Fall For You.


Unexpected Visit  

This may take a lot of pre-planning to know her whereabouts and surprise her with your presence all of a sudden, but you can do this. Unexpected visits make every girl jump off their seat and are sure to make her go awww just for you. If you wish to make it easier for you, you can directly go to her work with some flowers and take her out on a lunch or meet her nearby her place late in the evening and watch the sun go down together.


Love Letters

Unlike earlier times, text messages, e-mails, and video calling has taken over the tradition of letters when love was expressed via long letters and scrolls. You can always send a beautiful text while she is busy at work and warm her heart but how about to make an effort and pen down your feelings on a sheet of paper and let her know how much you love her. You can yourself deliver your letter or cater to opt for courier service that can simply deliver your letter to her.


A Weekend Getaway

Girls go bonkers on a simple visit to a mall, you can’t even think how much happy would it make if you plan to take her to a cottage in a hilltop or to camping in a mountainous region. You can add much to this surprise by not disclosing her the destination. Won’t that be great?


Dinner Date

It’s okay if both of you are caught in work and are unable to make time to go out. But to every problem, there’s a solution. Right? Light heart-shaped candles, arrange floating wax candles in a bowl and beautify the whole room’s aura with loads of candles and plate-up her favourite cuisine. Trust her, it will be a date to remember.


Deliver Deliciousness

Every girl is a sweet-tooth. She loves to dig in immensely whether it is a Rasmalai or a cake. Treat her heart with impeccable flavours of a cake and infuse love with innumerable layers of flavoursome butterscotch, strawberry, red velvet by ordering a lip-smacking cake from the online portal that offers cake delivery in FaridabadDelhi, Gurgaon, Pune and any other city where she resides. Order her favourite flavour beauty and pair it up with fresh blooms.


An Early Edition Of A Book

Your girl has a favourite book and of course, she reads it again and again and also has hidden it in her safe box. Make some calls to variant bookstores of the city and figure out how you can lay your hands on an early edition of it. Once procured, make her unwrap the best gift of her life.


Name A Star After Her

She is the star of your life, and you can make her feel the same by naming a star after her via a star register company. This can be easily done as now these features are available online and once done, your girl will simply run after you just like you wanted her too.


Enough to steal her heart away, these surprises are sure to make your girlfriend go yay and make her fall for you like never before.

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