Tips To Make Travel Diaries in India Worth Reading!


India is an amazing country because of its magnificent landscapes, hilly regions, rivers flowing, plateaus, and snowy mountains etc. People travel around the country to witness the beauty of the country, the man-made things, enjoying the flora and fauna and many more. There are many unexplored places which people may not have heard about, but they are worth a visit. However, how does one come to know about it?

While on internet, travel agents showcase only areas which are known and famous. The long-lost village beauties reside somewhere down under but nobody pays heed to these, courtesy unawareness. Here, travel diaries in India come in handy!

Endeavour of a travel diary

To get a true insight about a place, travel diaries help one know more. Stories regarding the place, discovery about the region, true acumen with hotel room rates, sightseeing rates etc. are meticulously jotted down.

When a visitor reads a travel account in the internet, he/she must immediately get an essence of the place. He/she must be aware of what to expect.  A clear picture with no overstatements will make the trip more optimized and enjoyable. This is especially true for a solo explorer who does not believe in going with agency packages.

Withal, in spite of many bloggers writing their piece of travel experiences, it does not attract as much traffic as it should. The reasons could be several for non-acceptance. Here are some quick tips to make a better writing affair.

Make the title appealing

If the heading is interesting, it ought to attract the audience to read on and benefit the words of wisdom from it. If one has travelled to Shimla and wants to write on it, instead of writing ‘Shimla – a dreamers land’,comes up with something shocking or interesting that audience will pay heed to it. For instance, ‘Shimla is not what I thought of!’. Here, a reader who is a traveller will be inclined to know more about the place.

Inculcate unheard stories

To get into the list of top travel diaries Indiaone must indoctrinate intrigue details. Places that are unheard of, eateries that are a sheer delicacy, cost of local travel to activities that can be enjoyed. Sharing some interesting stories on those lines and putting soulful thoughts into words that captivate readers to read more and know more, may indulge audiences for long. Sonam Lakhani’s ‘My Haute Life’ blog is a great place to explore about such travel ventures. She writes beautifully incorporating various elements of excitement, information and photographs.

Give a personalized tone

Writing in 1st person serves the best. It makes the reader feel that the writer of the diary has really travelled and experienced the same. Inclusion of opinions, suggestions, complaints, funny incidents, hilarious dialogues, mistakes etc. build up a great diary entry.

Wrap Up

Travel diaries India is read world-wide. Tourists from far come to feel the breath-taking aura of this great country; it is only advisable to depict India culturally and traditionally alluring.


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