The Top 4 Types Of Outdoor Drop Curtains


If you want to increase the outdoor flow of your property, it is recommended that you install outdoor drop curtains or café blinds. These enhancements are cheaper than their glass counterparts. There are 3 options for these exterior design elements: Mesh, full PVC, and clear glass PVC. They are very flexible and you can roll them away when not in use. Check out the 4 types of café blinds you can install to rainproof or windproof your outdoors.

  • Hand-rolled curtains

These are basic blinds which are attached to an aluminum rope to the top. They come with a fabric pocket and an aluminum bar at their bottom to facilitate ease of rolling as well as maintain a flat fabric. The fabric options range from fireproof clear glass PVC to mesh fabrics. The hand-rolled blinds can be designed in sizes of up to 5.5meteres and 3.5meters drop.  You won’t find glass this size anywhere in the market. The blinds are designed with a high-frequency welding procedure. They, of course, have a warranty.

  • Crank-rolled curtains

They are made of clear PVC or mesh (suitable for wind protection and privacy). They have a roller tube measuring about 63mm of cast aluminum wall brackets, crank handle, and gearbox. At the bottom is a fabric pocket and stainless steel saddles riveted to the aluminum tube. The fireproof clear glass PVC measures 0.75mm and consists of a colored border for reinforcement. The blinds can be made of a wide array of fabrics.

  • Zip track curtains

These blinds are operated by spring and channels on their sideways. They are ideal solutions for vertical screening in patios, cafes, and verandas. They protect the structures throughout the year from harsh elements. While their aesthetic essence is mostly eminent when put down, they are totally unobtrusive when up. Zip track curtains can be customized to match the prevailing environment. Their operation is easy due to the spring roller as well as the sideways channels made of aluminum. They can, therefore, glide effortlessly, upwards and downwards.

  • Channeled curtains

They are available in two designs: one with a header box and another without the header box. They have an impeccable finish. They may be operated by a motor, spring, or crank. On each side of a channeled blind is aluminum rolling tube. Their size can be up to 5 meters wide with 2.7 meters drop.

The main purpose of the outdoor drop curtains is to shield a building from wind and rain only during moderate weather. However, these 4 types of drop curtains cannot stand up to stormy conditions.

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