Top 7 Tips for Safe Quad Biking


Popular belief holds that quad bikes can just maneuver their way out on all kinds of terrains. Stop living with this fallacy, a quad bike can get out of control on sheer slopes, rugged surfaces and even on a straight tarmac which can be life-threatening. All of you must be familiar with the robust four-wheel quad with a seating capacity of one but some enthusiasts go pillion riding on it risking to the max. Although you may derive immense fun out of the ride it can be dangerous even for the most experienced if not handled properly. I have some recommendations and tips to remind you while you are trailblazing your quad. Remember, even if you have experience and knowledge, you need common sense to safely ride the quad.

  1. Gear Up Properly – A quad bike doesn’t have a seatbelt. Catapulting in the air in the event of a collision is always on the cards. A slight misadventure can send you flying. Remember to keep the necessary gear for safety. Gloves, goggles and leather jackets can save you from bruises but not from fractures. The most delicate part that can easily get damaged is your skull. Therefore,I recommend you to buy a pair of extralarge motorcycle helmets for your daily rides.
  2. Inspection – Always perform a thorough checkup of the quad before taking it out. Never forget to examine the condition of the tires and rims to spot damages to the wheel. A dented wheel can prove to be problematic on the trail. Go over all the connections and wirings to avoid any chance of short-circuits or plug wear-outs. Check brake fluid and gear cables. Lubricate the chain and axle along with shocks to enjoy a smooth ride without the machine creaking.
  3. Always Partner up on the Trail – Riding alone can be heavily perilous. Some situations may leave you high and dry and you have wait for the help. I suggest going with your fellow quad riders. They can be supportive in the event of an accident. Moreover, grabbing friends for a trail adventure will certainly be a lot of fun.
  4. No Drunk Riding – Much like cars, quads can overpower a disoriented rider quite easily. You would do yourself and your buddies a favor if you keep the booze after the trailing and not before it. Many accidents occur because the rider was under the influence. Have food and beverages instead!
  5. Halt if you’re Tired – There is no point dragging yourself beyond your energies. Take a break and rest your back. Quad biking demands acute mental agility and physical endurance. Rehydrate to refuel yourself and ensure your body gets the proper rest.
  6. One-Rider Only –If you also think the quad is a two-person ride, you are mistaken like many others. It can stoke the likelihoods of any misfortune on the trail.
  7. Stick to the Trail – Grazing off the trail can be highly treacherous. Keep your quad on the designated trail to elude any unnecessary deterioration to the bike.

These tips are understandable and explicit. All of these are widely accepted rules of the ATV landscape. Don’t take safety for granted, it ought to be your foremost priority.

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