How Vaping can Help you Quit Smoking Forever


What is that guilty pleasure that with every passing drag pushes you a step closer to death while causing negative spill overs for others? Smoking is a bane for smokers and society alike. With mounting evidence of smoke causing cancer, it is now a question of substitutes that can enable smokers to give up the habit. It is no more a question of whether one should give up or not. For those smokers that are really serious about the issue and are sincere in their efforts to quit this bad habit, vaping has emerged as a great option. While there is no dearth of options available in the market for smokers, the additional drop of water calls for an explanation and reasoning behind smokers’ widely held belief that vaping is the best way to quit smoking forever. We take you through the  emerging trends and facts about vaping that prove that it is indeed the best and most sure shot way to quit smoking.

The Throat Hit of Vaping Replicate the User Experience of Smoking:

Smoking causes a throat hit. The drag of nicotine emanated from a regular cigarette causes a tingly feeling at the back of the throat of a smoker. When smokers look for substitutes to regular cigarettes, they look to products that replicate the same user experience. Vaping causes the same throat experience and hence enables smokers to get over the need to smoke cigarettes.

 The Chemical Composition of E-Cigarettes is Healthier than Cigarettes:

Human lungs are meant to inhale fresh oxygen. When an individual smokes he inhales carcinogenic compounds, metals, poisons and chemicals that are toxic. To make matters worse regular cigarettes emit carbon monoxide that leads to instant suffocation of the respiratory track and in the long run causes a tremendous loss in stamina and physical ability to undertake physical exercises and laborious tasks in day to day life. On the other hand the chemical composition of e-cigarettes and vaping devices consists of nicotine, glycerol and propylene glycol. Glycerol is present in edible food items like vegetables and propylene glycol is rated as same for human consumption by the FDA, U.S Government. Beyond doubt the chemical composition of vaping devices and e-cigarettes is far less harmful than cigarettes.

Health Effects of E-Cigarettes are Far Less Damaging than Regular Cigarettes:

Regular cigarettes cause considerable amount of damage to health. While there is a widespread consensus among medical practitioners that smoking causes cancer, there are other effects of smoking on human health as well. Smoking causes asthma and breathing problems. The nature of asthma can be either pulmonary or cardiac depending upon whether the impending impact is on the lungs or the heart. Smoking is known to increase the pulse rate and cause hypertension in smokers. Smokers are known to complain of issues of high blood pressure, sleeplessness and indigestion due to high nicotine intake. There are also high chances smokers developing asthma at a later age due to the sheer torture that the lungs go through. On the other hand e-cigarettes and vaping devices are known to cause a mild increase in blood pressure only. In fact recent researches suggest that e-cigarettes and vaping devices are 9-450 times less harmful to health in comparison to regular cigarettes.

Vaping has Comparatively Less Harmful Effects of Passive Smoking:

Smokers that smoke regular cigarettes spread the ill effects of nicotine through passive smoking. The dangers of passive smoking are well documented and are known to affect friends and family of smokers to a great extent. Vaping offers a safer option and is relatively less harmful in terms of the passive smoking quotient. Regular cigarettes emit a high quantum of toxins into the surrounding air making breathing difficult and dangerous for new born babies, old people and pregnant women. Vaping limits the negative spill over of passive smoking to a great extent.

Vaping is Free of the Social Impacts of Smoking and Associated Taboos:

There are wide spread taboos associated with smoking regular cigarettes that emit poisonous fumes of nicotine. The toughening stance of law against smoking and smokers means that there is restricted entry for smokers at various avenues because they cannot carry cigarettes inside and cannot sit through sessions of activity, work and even relaxation without taking a drag due to restlessness. Vaping devices are portable and offer better chances to avoid the social taboos of smoking.

Inability to Customize the Smoking Experience Makes Quitting Tough:

Regular cigarettes are standardized products that don’t come with features for personalization. Smokers that are serious on quitting the bad habit need features of personalization because it can enable them decide the quantum of nicotine that they want to inhale. On the other hand e-cigarettes and vaping devices contain different flavours of nicotine e-liquids that allow smokers a greater freedom of choice to explore and experiment with lower nicotine intake, different tastes and varying frequencies of vaping throughout the day. Refillable vaping devices and e-cigs can be carried easily and recharged time and again. The different flavours of nicotine e-liquids offer smokers a personalized vaping experience and a greater control on the rituals, experiences and frequency of vaping, thus making it easier to finally quit the habit of smoking.


Vaping has less intoxicating ingredients, is customizable and causes far less damage to health and thus is the best option for smokers to give up smoking.


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