3 Top Instagram Features that Make It an Absolute Hit for Online Marketing

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Instagram has long since grown into e-commerce’s favorite online platform. If leveraged properly Instagram has unlimited potential in terms of attracting new customers, establishing a brand presence, and also boosting sales. Here are some of the most distinctive features which make Instagram a marketing utopia.

Instagram Stories

Most online retailers know that users would like to visit your site a few times to find out who you are and what you are all about before actually buying from you. They are a lot more likely to consider buying from you if you have a good online reputation and social media presence. In this aspect, Instagram is a wonderful platform as it allows you to showcase your identity, inventory, and insights through informative pictures and posts. Through Instagram stories, you are constantly able to reach out to your audience, give them a look at what goes on behind the scenes, and perhaps also engage them through special offers. The stories themselves do not need to be professional, as imperfect photos to look authentic to crowds who want a personal relationship with companies. Stories also allow direct linking to the product page. This is so much better than linking to your homepage as a lot of users don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to go around hunting for what they want on your site, especially when they know they want it already. Don’t treat Instagram stories simply like Snapchat’s, which is a stage that is intended to be more abrasive and crude. For most organizations, that style won’t play well with the more cleaned look of the Instagram stage. Unless you are your business’ image, abstain from being excessively individual in your stories.

“Shop Now”

This feature was introduced to the platform in late 2016, and involves the addition of a “shop now” button to posts, allowing sellers to place a direct link to the product sales page beneath the posts. This allows the users to get to your page from within the same ecosystem rather than having to remember the name and price, look it up on a search engine, and then buy it. This has proved to be extremely effective for the lifestyle and fashion industries because users who discover a great new product are much more likely to purchase it spontaneously if they are provided with the option. This works best with the ten picture carousel function.

In any case, we should rewind for a moment and take a gander at what provoked the rise of the “Shop Now” button. In the present scene, less and fewer individuals are going specifically to a site’s landing page, which makes social stages basic to the Internet business space. The coordination of trade and social, in principle, empowers sponsors and distributors to adapt an undeniably portable group of onlookers that they may miss generally. This move has distributors intensely investigating how to transform hypothesis into income.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves using influential people like celebrities, industry experts, bloggers and authors with thousands and millions of followers to endorse your product, service, or company on their pages. This looks very authentic and has a huge ROI aspect attached. You reach a lot of people organically and gain a lot of real Instagram followers without needing to reach out to them or build a user base yourself as your influence does that for you. By choosing the right influencer, you are also choosing the right target group. You could closely track the number of people you reach through this by giving the influence a unique link. Particularly successful influencers could be converted into full-time brand ambassadors too.

An app designed for smartphones, Instagram is optimized to gather the users’ attention and channel it productively. It is minimalist, yet extremely visual oriented. It is less distracting and thus ideal for customers with short attention spans. By using its other features to the fullest and respecting your followers in terms of being genuine and not spammy, you could build a fantastic customer base and boost sales like never before.


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