The Coolest Content Curation Tools for Effective Content Marketing


The internet marketplace has opened a vista of opportunities for contemporary businesses. This is the new frontier in marketing and you must take proactive steps to tap into this market’s potential. With over 3.62 billion people using the internet, this is a marketing platform you cannot ignore. As a brand marketer, you have to appreciate the tough task ahead if you are to fully leverage internet marketing. Among the best strategies you can use to stay ahead of the competition is content marketing on social media.

Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a buzzword in the online marketing circles and for many good reasons. Over 90% of all websites leverage this marketing approach because of its effectiveness according to Demand Metric. This has become one of the most popular inbound marketing practices.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, B2B marketers allocate about 28% of their marketing budgets to content marketing. According to the same report, 47% of buyers look at several pieces of content before making a purchase decision.

One of the most effective strategies in content marketing is content curation. This entails finding relevant information online, annotating and sharing it with your target audience on social media. You don’t own this information but it is highly relevant to your target audience and sharing it will help build a relationship with them.

While content curation is highly effective in building brand authority, boosting engagement levels and increasing traffic to your website, it takes a lot of time and effort. This is where content curation tools come in handy as they automate the process, saving you time and money. Below are the top 12 crazy good content Curation tools every self-respecting social media marketer should be using:

  1. Ink!– Best tool to share intelligent content from top publications such as Washington PostLos Angeles Times and The Guardian with your brand’s followers on social media.
  2. Serious– Best for discovering GIFs, sharing your finds and tagging them with appropriate keywords.
  3. Smart News– Get access to top news from Huffington Post, TIME, and TechCrunch among other sources. The content is in categories for easier sharing.
  4. SNARC– This tool can be added on Google Chrome to discover crucial information based on keyword analysis.
  5. CapsuleFM– Perfect for discovering audio content such as music which you can share.
  6. Juicer– You can now curate your business’s social feeds into one stream and embed this on your blog or website. Juicer integrates easily with Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Sound Cloud, and Pinterest.
  7. Feedworthy– For the best visual presentation of Reddit content, this is your best bet. Finding content is easier and so is sharing.
  8. Rallyverse– This tool first collects insight from your social media conversations before beginning the content curation process. This is a great content research tool with amazing results.
  9. Faveeo– A versatile content curation tool that can be used to locate, curate and share relevant content, saving you a lot of time.
  10. Cronycle– You can now create collections ranging from videos to news content and share the same with your social media audience. This data can be customized and sent as you wish.
  11. Backstitch– This is the perfect tool to stay uptodate with your industry on-goings. Backstitch also allows you to embed such content on your site.
  12. Meddle– Perfect for brand building as it collects content and allows you to add commentary before sharing. Content can also be shared within your office.

These curation tools make it easier to manage your social media content strategy.



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