Five Tips to Evaluate Ad Effectiveness during a PPC Campaign Audit

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At the heart of a successful PPC campaign are the ads themselves, so it’s only natural that a PPC campaign audit includes a thorough evaluation of this vital component for effective optimization.

Here are some key areas knowledgeable PPC audit experts dive into:

#1 Is Ad Copy Accurate?

Ad Copy

Professional PPC audit services providers make sure ads are relevant, meaningful and accurate. An experienced auditor will checks whether an ad has the right messaging and includes important keywords, unique value proposition, call-to-action and correct grammar/spelling. An auditor will find out whether an ad is still promoting outdated prices/offers. All the information fields including display URLs, description field and headlines are checked to ensure ad accuracy.

#2 Are Ad Groups Tightly Themed?

Ad Groups

As far as ad groups are concerned, many advertisers make the mistake of creating too few or too many ad groups. Any expert PPC agency will recommend having not more than fifteen to twenty keywords within an ad group as this helps to create highly specific ads that clearly match what prospects are searching for when they enter keyword queries. While auditing ad groups, professionals check whether the keywords within an ad group are related to a common theme and ad copy matches keyword intent.

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#3 How Many Ads in an Ad Group?

During a PPC campaign audit, experts recommend checking the number of ads that are enabled for an ad group. One is too less – two or three ad variations are usually required to successfully run tests with. A maximum of fifty text ads can be used for each ad group, but it’s better to limit to below five for better management and testing. It’s also a good idea to check whether the best-performing ad group/ groups are receiving sufficient budget and the max CPC is set at an optimal level.

#4 Ad Extensions Relevance

Ad Extensions

Since ad extensions impact ad rank, a reliable PPC audit agency will review ad extensions to make sure they’re the right fit for a business. They check the status of each ad extension to make sure it’s approved. They examine ad extensions such as site link extensions, callout extensions and structured snippet extensions to ensure they accurately represent a business’s offerings. If call extensions are being implemented, they check to see if they’re scheduled to only appear when someone’s present to answer phone queries.

#5 Measuring Ad Extensions Performance

Adwords Performance

To measure ad extensions performance, PPC audit service providers look into how many impressions and clicks an ad extension has received as well as its related costs. Automated ad extensions can boost ad performance and provide more chances to entice prospects. Experts also evaluate the performance of automated ad extensions served alongside your ads (if opted into) by accessing the Automated Extensions report available in the Ad Extensions section of Google AdWords.

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