How to promote your blog on Instagram


Instagram might have started as a small social media website, but today it has become one of the most famous and crowded social media platforms on the Internet. Instagram does not only gives you a platform to share pictures with your friends and family, but it also lets you promote your business, brand or even your personality. If you take a look at the most successful social media marketing networks, you will see Instagram stands among the top platforms. With the help of Instagram, you cannot just promote your business, but you can also promote your website and blog as well. If you are looking to improve the performance of your blog and you want to drive more traffic to it, then Instagram can help you it with that. Here below are few instructions which can help you promote your blog using Instagram.

1) Pick a username that defines your blog

If you want to promote your blog on Instagram, then make sure that the profile you are using to promote the blog must have a username that somehow defines your blogs or points towards it. Username and Instagram name are important and when it comes to username it will how you will be found on Instagram, in short, it is your Instagram identity. While picking up a username make sure it is related to your blog and if not at least try to make sure it defines your niche. This also shows that your blog is your brand and this way it gets promoted easily.

2) Driving traffic directly to your blog

One of the best ways of promoting your blog using Instagram is to drive traffic directly to your blog. If you are wondering how to do that then it is simple you need to post compelling content that appeals to your followers, and you can tell them that they can visit your blog for more through the link given in the bio. Now it is important to paste your blog link in the bio because that is extremely important otherwise the followers would not even know what blog you are talking about.

3) Build a community on Instagram

While you have noticed that the audience does not communicate directly with brands on websites this case is different when it comes to social media platform like Instagram. When you are interacting with people on Instagram, you are getting direct feedback as well, so the key here receives the feedback and engage with the audience. If they ask any questions answer them as soon as you can this gives them a feeling of comfort and when you build a community like that on Instagram, they will surely start visiting your blog as they will want more of your content.
4# Become a Leader
When you are promoting your blog on Instagram, the key here is to establish yourself as well because when it comes to blogging most of the blogs are defined by the person who runs it. So, become a leader of your niche give people tips. For example, if you are a fitness expert and you run a fitness blog start giving some interesting advice on Instagram. This way people will see you as a leader, and they will follow you, and in no time most of your followers will start visiting your blog regularly.

5) Start monetizing your Instagram account

When you are promoting your blog through Instagram, your ultimate goal is to get more people to know about your blog, but you can earn money from your blog as well. While Instagram will help you drive traffic to your blog, you can also drive traffic from your blog to Instagram which will ultimately help you gain followers on Instagram fast. If your blog is about selling product or service as well, you can sell them directly through Instagram with the shoppable feature. This way you will still be making good progress on your blog.
So you can see that Instagram is just not good enough for promoting product, goods or services but it can also be found very helpful in case of promoting website or blogs. You can learn from these tips and just by following these tips you can promote your blog on this fantastic platform.



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