Top 10 Social Media Marketing Agency in India

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While digital marketing is getting important for brands to get the best results for their marketing and branding, social media marketing has emerged as an important part of it. And, why not? When people spend most of their day scrolling through the feeds of their social media platforms, the best practices is to leverage it. Brands are working hard every day to utilize the power of social media marketing and get results for themselves. And, the best part is that there are social media marketing agenciesto help brands to ace their marketing game. Here’s a list of top 10 social media agencies in India that you can opt for:


ARM Worldwide: ARM Worldwide has earned a lot of respect and stature for themselves in a short span of time. They have done some commendable projects in the past and handling a vast number of clients currently. If you want a robust and agile social media marketing agency that has the right talent to handle your social media marketing activities then you can go ahead and check their website here.

Pinstorm: Ranked amongst the top SEO agency, company integrates research, web design, user experience and analytics in their social media marketing strategies.

WATconsult: Founded in 2007, this company is known for its marketing and advertising efforts that have brought a good name to them.

Gozoop: Company believes in humanizing the marketing efforts that earned them quite a name in the professional service industry.

BCWebWise: Also, ranked as best SEO agency, company has a great reputation when it comes to social media marketing.

Sparrow: Their out of the box thinking and efforts to synergize the social media strategies have made them go beyond many others and feature on the list.

Media2Win: They have gained expertise in creating digital media marketing strategies and online reputation management for a while. Having a good experience in all the fields makes them a strong contender for the list.

New Media Guru: They combine social media services with sales and generate all round results for their clients.

Resultrix: This privately held company has some serious talent when it comes to social media marketing. They have done some praiseworthy work in past in SEO, affiliate marketing, and SEM.

SunStrategic: They provide services that are beyond marketing with customer satisfaction and shareholder return services.

These are some social media marketing agencies that you can choose from to get your social media marketing strategies streamlined. Hope this helped.


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