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User Generated Content: Let your users promote your business online!


Have you thought of the User Generated Content to promote your business online? If not, find out why and how to get started quickly to gain new users quickly.

There are a lot of ways to promote a business online but today we’re going to talk about User Generated Content which, well done, is a strategy that has an excellent return on investment.

What is User Generated Content?

User Generated Content (UGC) literally translates to “user-generated content”. In other words, it is all that users create around your brand, your products and services. This includes notices, testimonials, blog articles, but also social media publications including photos and videos.

Since we cannot prevent users from expressing themselves, positively and negatively, as much as creating official spaces of expression. You can not only relay positive content but also respond to negative comments and opinions. Hiding the dissatisfaction of users is never the solution (besides being ineffective).

One of the brands that makes the most of the UGC is of course Starbucks because customers regularly share photos of their products. The brand even promotes this content creation by organizing specific campaigns.

Top 10 Benefits of User Generated Content

The User Generated Content has many advantages such as:

  1. Create interactivity,
  2. Promote the expression and sharing of users,
  3. Increase the frequency of content offered to future users,
  4. Reduce marketing / advertising costs,
  5. Develop an image of authenticity,
  6. Create a bond of mutual trust,
  7. Improve user engagement ,
  8. loyalty,
  9. Increase brand awareness,
  10. Improve SEO visibility on the stores .

How to use the UGC to promote a mobile app?

Before starting a digital marketing campaign, it is essential to know your target, your expectations and your desires. Indeed, your users may not be very receptive if you offer them to create video or photo content. In this case, you could ask them to submit text in the form of ideas, testimonials etc …

Not only that, participating in your campaign should be simple for the user but you should also reward him for his effort, whether through a financial benefit or not. Indeed, more and more brands offer their customers and prospects to give their opinion, for a logo design for example. Their opinions are not rewarded with a voucher or any other tangible reward but with a sense of community and brand awareness. This kind of campaign has a double beneficial effect. Not only, the brand is certain that its new logo will please and in addition, it has strengthened the link with its target. All for little cost.

Last point before you start, do not neglect the legal aspect. This is very important when it comes to the ownership and future use of the content generated by your users. Especially since the law varies according to the country. So be careful with international campaigns!

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