Why Wristbands Are Crucial To Your Event Success?


A trade show is an important event for any company that’s starting to make their mark into the world of business. This is the time when you are ready put your company on the map along with the greatest companies in the world. So at this crucial time, we will try not to make mistakes and do everything right so as to maximize our gain from such an important event. There are a lot of pointers which will help us in that and the most important of these is a wristband.

Wristbands have been used multiple times in the past to help the entire marketing effort efficiently.
The most evident and successful one was obviously the Livestrong campaign which was started by the great Lance Armstrong in 1997 for the fight against Cancer and to generate awareness about the same throughout the world. In 2004 we saw Lance becoming increasingly engaged in it and saw him wear the very famous LIVESTRONG bands. These bands were sold by the millions and they generated millions! Having created such a huge impact, silicone wristbands became the go to for any company looking to promote their business as they saw and understood the impact wristbands had on the general public. Everyone wore it, and it became a fashion statement overnight. We saw athletes, movies stars and political figures wearing wristbands and showing their support for different NGOs and non-profit organizations.

But what makes them so useful? How can it add value to your company’s marketing in a trade show? Answers:

Rubber wristbands cost less as compared to all the other trade show giveaways. Since they don’t add to the huge marketing budget cut, they help in saving a lot of marketing money which can be used elsewhere. As it is said, money saved is money earned.

Wristbands are highly noticeable. Especially with bright stark colors like red, yellow or white, they are easily noticed from a distance. The benefit of that is an observer will always try to know the reason as to why a person is wearing that. This start of a conversation will equate to your company being marketed and promoted by the wearers themselves. What’s better than having someone else market your company for you?

To put this point into perspective let’s see a human’s reach today. He’s conquered the entire planet and theoretically can travel to anywhere in the world. Imagine someone going to France on a holiday wearing the customized rubber wrist bands of your company. Anyone who asks about that wristband from its wearer in France will know not about your competitors, but you; that’s a great advantage to have.

In your case, a wristband will go far and beyond the trade show exhibit. A lot of people don’t even take off their wristbands for months!

While a lot of wristbands are plain and just scream their company’s name across it, you can take the next step forward and design bands to be quirky, funny and witty. These can add to the fashion statement for all the people who are wearing it and love to have a little something extra on them that can kick start a conversation.

Increases Loyalty:
Let’s get all scientific now! Psychologically speaking, people have been seen to be loyal about things that are on them for a few days. If they use a particular pen for a few days, they start enjoying it. If there is a t-shirt brand that they wear a lot, they’ll keep buying from it. Similarly, wearing a wristband for more than a week will make them loyal to your brand, at least until people keep asking about it.

Hence think of things that will go far beyond a trade show exhibit. Think of things that will make a bigger impact cost-effectively. Think of wristbands they are your answer.



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