Playing POE is not as easy as other games that you might have played earlier. Whether you are an incessant gamer or a newbie, you know how tough it is to use the POE currency efficiently or to buy POE orbs. In fact, the currency system in Path of Exile is quite complex. There are various types of currency items and orbs. Each of the currency items has a different role.


The currency can either help the player in advancing or making the equipment of a character or it can help you in reforming the orbs. For instance, the passive skill tree can be restructured if it is Orb of regret.

Many of the gamers who are unaware of the value of their exalted orbs get tricked into unfruitful trades easily and regret later. So, in this post, we are going to list some of the currency items with certain tips and tricks. Let’s begin.

  1. Scroll of wisdom-

Most of the times players tend to ignore these scrolls. Maybe, because they find many of them along the way. However, you should not ignore them, especially if you are a beginner. You can easily trade a collection of them when you reach level 70 or so to buy a starting gear for low tier maps. Moreover, in context orbs, you can trade scrolls for I chaos orb. Likewise, you can keep collecting and trading the scrolls of wisdom in larger quantities to buy other POE orbs.


  1. Portal scroll-

All the things mentioned in the wisdom of scroll, go for portal scrolls as well. The only difference is that you will not get in quantity as high as scrolls of wisdom. But the good news is that they are four times more in value than the portal scroll. So, keep collecting them.  If you will play wisely, you will be able to get at least 2-3 items in level 66 or so.


  1. Armourer’s Scrap-

In this, the orb should be used to develop the armor’s quality. So don’t use them in the very beginning of the game. As a beginner, you can obviously trade them to buy POE orbs. Roughly, a Chaos orb will cost you 140-160 armourer’s scraps i.e. the POE currency. You can also consider upgrading the gear which can increase the energy shield.


  1. Blacksmith’s Whetstone-

The usage of this orb is quite similar to the armourer’s scrap. The only additional advantage it has is that of leveling new characters. The hammer recipe is the best for extracting the most out of this orb. So, you should keep storing them till the time you have not loot low-level maps. After that, you can use these stones to upgrade the normal hammers you have. Besides, you can also use these stones to strengthen your gear so that you can increase the damage. Moreover, this can also be used to upgrade a good enough gear you have and sell it for a better price.


  1. Orb of augmentation-

This orb is very useful as it is capable of adding some sort of new property to the magic quality item. The orb can be used more efficiently in the later stage of the game, save it for that time or use them to buy other orbs.


  1. Orb of transmutation-

This orb has the power to convert a normal item into a magic item. Using it on low levels would be quite a waste, if not used for making a mass destruction magic weapon. So, use them later for orbs of fusing, or magic potions. Also, you will have ample of these orbs in the later part of the game and buying an orb of fusing in exchange of 128 orbs of transmutation would mean that you have put them to best use.


Keep the abovementioned pointer in mind and let us know in the comments section below your question pertaining to this. Also, all the pros reading this post are welcomed to share some more insights.

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