Airtel 4G VoLTE Services Launched in Mumbai


The 4G network started its journey in India way back in 2012 when Bharti Airtel, India’s top network service provider, started offering the service. Circa, 2017 and in just a matter of five years, Indians are not ready to settle for lesser speeds. It is an accepted fact in India, that before a technology hits any part of the country it is places like Mumbai which are the first ones to celebrate it. The city on the move knows what the best of anything is – and hence, it should come as no surprise to see BIG telecom operators lining up to design the most attractive new postpaid plans for them.

Yes, that’s the latest technology wherein 4G services are getting transformed with the advent of VoLTE technology which stands for Voice over LTE. Working over 4G, it provides customers voice calls of HD quality and even the call set-up time is expected to get much faster and more efficient with this technology. As is expected, customers who are the loyalists of various telecom operators are eagerly waiting for an upgrade to the latest VoLTE technology which would entail significant alterations in how to enjoy a 4G network. Celebrating it as a milestone most postpaid consumer have welcomed the launch of Airtel VoLTE services who already have a world-class 4G network.

The VoLTE services are just like any other service your network service provider offers you which today includes unlimited local and STD calling. In case you are wondering whether all smartphones that offer 4G/LTE connectivity will support VoLTE calling, then for your information, the new technology will use the 4G LTE networks to transmit voice data and with the unavailability of 4G data, it is the 3G/2G network that the calls will automatically fall back on. In order to enjoy the best of this service, it is imperative that you always have your 4G data on. As is necessitated by the technology, telecom operators are fulfilling the huge data requirement with massive data offers both in their postpaid packages and as bonus data on signing up for both a new postpaid connection as well as to subscribers already using their postpaid plans.

The surge in customers preference for postpaid has already inspired big telcos to design their postpaid plans in a manner that along with unlimited local and STD calls they can also accommodate their finest data offers to make their all-inclusive packages a holistic deal. Same can be expected with the VoLTE technology offers and if you want to enjoy these services, it is best to be on a postpaid network and be ready for VoLTE. It is important to know that to buy a new postpaid connection the whole affair of applying for a postpaid connection to getting one takes only a few days.

In conclusion, it is easy to see the shift to VoLTE technology and how it will be readily opted for by the technology-savvy generation of today. As Mumbaikars readily adapt to the extremely reasonable VoLTE postpaid plans such as the Airtel 4G plans Mumbai, they can be sure of variety that is sure to satisfy the unique needs you and your family members need for instant and seamless connectivity.

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