Bone Conduction headphone

The Best bone conduction headphones for hearing loss


Bone conduction headphones are the medical devices designed to transfer sound through bone conduction. Its components are sound processors, abutment, and a titanium implant. The sound processor on the implant converts the received sound into the vibrations. These vibrations are then sent to your inner ear through your skull bone. The implant creates a direct connection between the sound processor and the bone.

In a noisy background, the bone conduction localizes the sound. Therefore, helps in improving speech and understanding. The bone conduction technology proved to be very useful for hearing users, military communication, and sports headphones.

Benefits of bone conduction technology

  • Hearing aid’s users – In most of the hearing loss such as conductive, sensorineural hearing loss and varied hearing loss. People suffer from hearing loss because of the damaged eardrum. But here bone conduction work as an eardrum in the hearing of a person.
  • Scuba diving  – One can also use bone conduction technology under water. Thanks to the bone conduction technology people with hearing loss can also make their dreams alive today.
  • Sports headphone – Primarily Audio Bone, the first sports bone conduction headphones claimed same sound quality as other headphones. Every cyclist and runners who sound alertness and as want to enjoy music use bone conduction headphones.
  • Military communication  – Behind-the-ear hearing devices used on the battlefield for improving communication. It not only transmit sound wirelessly but also give full awareness of the surrounding atmosphere.

The best bone conduction headphones for hearing loss-

  1. Marsboy Bone conduction wireless sports Bluetooth Stereo headphones – These headphones transmit sound into the cochlea by vibrations. You can also enjoy music without comprising with the background noises. The headphone is not waterproof but also support Bluetooth enabled devices.
  2. Damson Bone conduction – The damson bone conduction headphone provide a foldable and flexible design. You can also receive and make calls through these headphones. It also uses Bluetooth version 3 and APT-X for better quality video and audio support.
  3. SainSonic Wireless Bone conduction headphones – They are hands free headset supporting your all mobile phone functions. They have open ear headset which allows you to enjoy music with your phone calls. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 with 10-meter range. One also pair two mobile phones at one time through these headphones.
  4. Aftershokz bluez 2s  bone conduction headphone – They give you a complete ear-opening experience. They are wired headphone through which you can receive or make calls. Their dual suspension transducers provide you the one of the best bone conduction audio experience.
  5. AfterShokz Trek Titanium Bone conduction headphones – There titanium frame provides both durability and flexibility. Their wireless connectivity provides at least six hours of continuous calls and music experience.

The above list of best bone conduction headphones for hearing loss is useful to those who use heading aid on daily.

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