Crucial Confrontations Of The Premier League


Last year, “Chelsea” won the championship. By using the 3-4-3 scheme, Antonio Conte managed to astonish his rivals and achieve an impressive triumph. This year, the “aristocrats” were among such favorites, as:

  • “Manchester City”;
  • “Arsenal”;
  • “Tottenham”;
  • “Manchester United”;
  • “Liverpool”.

By the way, the team of Guardiola was so strong in the first half of the season that no one wonders who would win the title. Due to the striking and attacking game, they literally blazed through the rivals. The main failure of the current championship is “Chelsea”. The team has not just managed to win the title but dropped out of the Champions League. While “Arsenal” has a chance to break through in the most prestigious club tournament of the Old World by winning the Europa League, “Chelsea” has already stopped participating in all cups. How can the defending champion fail to finish in the top three position and even not get another title? This could be a story for another day!

The English Premier League traditionally pleases fans with uncompromising struggle till the last second. Fans just won’t forgive them for sinking into despair or hitting the numbers. The match score will be the main topic of fans and experts’ discussions. In fact, the English Premier League has the highest level of following from all over the world. All football lovers follow whatever is happening in this league with a lot of keenness.

Remaining Competitions

There are a few rounds till the end of the tournament. One of the main intrigues we may expect is a competition for the second prize. “Manchester United” has some advantage over its rivals but, in this season, “red devils” often lose points when competing with average teams and outsiders. It is one of the things that has made Manchester United to Sail through with a lot of ease.

Also, “Everton” should be noted among the teams that were expected to achieve a better result, as the “toffees” undertook quite an impressive campaign but failed at the beginning of the season. Now they linger in the middle of the league table without any ambitions. Matches of the EPL are always real holidays for fans: one shouldn’t discount a team even if it has a 4-goal advantage, as there were more impressive comebacks. Arsenal has also been performing poorly and the coach needs to do something to turn this situation around. Most teams are already preparing to make several changes that will allow them to shine as they prepare for the new season.

The current season has brought a lot of emotions, especially to fans of “Manchester City”, as the team showed a record series, due to which it has managed to achieve a competitive advantage. There is no doubt that the future season will bring a lot of bright emotions too and we will see an intense struggle till the last second, as matches of the Premier League are a real holiday for football fans.


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