How To Choose A Perfect Catcher Mitt


Pre 1880s, catchers, played with bare hands, which were not only discomfort but also risky and prone to many injuries. Fortunately, the journey to perfect catcher mitt started with advancement, in general, make because catchers play the most demanding position in baseball regarding playing energy and injury risks. It is therefore essential to have a right catcher mitt for this position to minimize the injuries and be able to enjoy baseball more.

Below is a guide to selecting the perfect catcher mitt because there are tons of catcher mitts in the market with various makes and specifications.

The first aspect the player should consider before investing in the catcher mitt is the material and make. The material of a catcher mitt determines whether it will be durable or not. For the make, there has been a tremendous advancement in the making of the catcher mitts over the century, and it is, therefore, essential to choose the most modern version since it has an assurance of comfort and minimizes injuries. For the material of the catcher mitt, it is essential to make a radical move and choose a material that is hard leather, and this assures more durability and fewer purchases throughout the seasons. It is however relatively expensive to make this kind of investment. One may prefer a catcher mitt that made from soft leather. Whichever the route one decides to take, they must be aware of the financial obligations of each.

Second, a perfect catcher must be not only durable but also comfortable. The comfort aspect of a catcher mitt is subject to which kind of the padding is used. The well-padded the catcher mitt is, the better. When one plays this position, the discomfort is not supposed to make the player distracted from the game, and it is therefore vital in purchasing a mitt that is not only well padded but is also shaped in a way that it enhances the comfort of the catcher. The comfort of a catcher mitt can be determined by the easiness to break in, and this is mostly dependent on the technology the manufacturer uses in the production. The comfortable the catcher mitt is to break in, the more the player is comfortable and the more they are productive and competitive.

Third, the catcher mitt must be compliant with the correct size of the agreed on age. Different catchers perform differently on different gloves. It is therefore essential to consider this golden guideline when making the choice of a catcher mitt. The circumference determines the size of a mitt. For younger players in the junior league, the correct catcher mitt number should not exceed 32 inches. This measurement ensures that a catcher aged 12 and below, the correct measurement for a comfortable mitt is 32 inches and 32.5 inches for older players. When the catcher wears the correct measurement of the catcher’s mitt, the more they are comfortable, and that measurement can be referred as the perfect mitt.

In conclusion, the answer to a perfect catcher mitt is not the black and white situation, but it must abide by the above three rules. Different people may opt different specs, but the golden rule is to find the mitt that gives the value for money regarding comfortably. It is also important to purchase a catcher mitt from a renowned company because consistency in production is essential. There are a couple of innovative companies. These companies have been in the production for catcher mitt for years, and these companies have shown innovation. Buying from them is a good step in getting the perfect catcher mitt.


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