Master the Art of Making Better Decisions with these 5 Tips

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Junior level employees in any company or people who work under a team lead usually have this false pretense that the power of decision making must remain with their team lead/manager. There are many factors for this thinking. First, some companies do not allow the junior employees to give any input in the decision making and have no say in decisions even entirely about their work and future. Secondly, such employees, even if given a chance to make a decision, shy away from this or even fear that they would do something wrong.

The last aspect discussed is what portrays the mindset of most of us. We become terrified when it comes to making a wrong decision and later owning the responsibility of it. While this can be a test of character for some, for most of the junior employees or new ones who have just joined the company, it is nothing short of a nightmare.

Why Taking a Decision is so Difficult for some of us?

Managers who can become a true leader are never afraid of making decisions regardless of what the result may be. Solid decision making is what that can make us a class apart from the rest of the pack. There are certain barriers to solid decision making for majority of us so that we succumb to them and couldn’t gather enough courage to make a solid decision that we can stand by.

One of the assumptions is that we don’t have the time or expertise to think about making a decision. There can be exceptions like making a financial decision involving a huge sum. Most of the other decisions can be easily be taken if a person is serious about it. It is all about the efficiency of a person and managing his tasks at hand to make sure he can come out triumphant in making a decision.

How to Make Better Decisions Quickly?

The following 5 rules are what can make you a person who can take a decision quickly and with full conviction.

  1. Understanding the Problem

Understanding a problem or scenario can be the best way to tackle the situation and make your task easy. We usually look for the best task management system in the market so that we can manage our tasks well while try to make a decision too about the pending problem. Identifying the priorities will give you enough time to think and reach a decision convincingly and quickly.

  1. Leaving Unimportant Issues Aside

You need to remove from your mind decisions need to be taken after some time or that are not directly related to your work. Leave them and focus on the most important one for making it count. This is the definite way to make a decision that’s a critical one.

  1. Use all Available Options for Easy Decision Making

There are many different ways to reach a decision. And there are lots of options that you can use in this regard. So you need to make sure that final quality of your decision should be based on choosing the best options which can make your task easy.

  1. A Structured Approach to the Problem

A structured approach is another important way of making sure that you are going in the right direction. As a manager or a junior worker, your approach should be structured so that you can make sure you are on top of your game. Take some time out to think how you can be more structured in making decisions easily.

  1. Take the Decision, Eventually

You must be certain that the decision you are about to take is based on the above 4 factors. In the end, you will realize that taking a decision is not that difficult. All it takes a little conviction and taking in account some factors which are critical. The rest of the pieces of the puzzle will fall to their places automatically.

Final Word

If you were looking for some motivation about making a decision is very easy, I am afraid this blog is not for you. Decision making is an art and in this blog, I have tried to offer you 5 tips so that you can make a decision knowing you have made the right choice.

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