Perfect Gifts for your Loved One’s on this Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is that one day where you can be extra cheesy and not have anyone complain about it. Not just that, you won’t have to be sorry for buying a lot of flowers, chocolates and cakes just for yourself and your partner to binge on! If you want to be extra cheesy and not just go for the regular online cake delivery in Kota or any part of India along with the cliché balloons, there’s a long list of things that you can do instead! Here are a few cheesy gifting ideas for your partner on Valentine’s Day which will surely put a huge smile on both your faces followed by a lot of giggles and laughs –

His and Her Clothing

We all know about those cheesy couples who walk around with the ‘his and her’ clothing. If you two are a couple that isn’t very romantic and loves to pull pranks and do cheesy things together, this is the best gifting option for you! Not only is it super cheesy, it will definitely be a gift to treasure for the years to come! You can easily buy these types of clothes online on a lot of gifting websites as well as e-commerce websites like Flip kart, Amazon, EBay etc. These are very affordable too!

Funny cake messages

A lot of bakeries and patisseries around the world have fun shaped cakes and graphic cakes that you can order for your partner. You can also have a dozen of cupcakes with sweet and cheesy pick up lines or love messages that can easily be carved out on the cake or printed and stuck on the cake with edible ink and glue. You can place an online cake delivery in Kota order for such cakes and have them delivered to your doorstep or to which ever location you want these to be delivered. Customized cakes are generally more expensive than regular cakes and need a minimum of a day’s time to prepare as well. You also have a photo print of embarrassing or funny moments from your time together for that extra cheesy feel!

Caps and accessories

Apart from clothing, there are a lot of fun accessories which can have cheesy lines printed on them such as ‘He belongs to this girl’, ‘Nisha’s love of her life’, ‘partners in crime’ etc. printed on them. You can get these printed on mugs, keychains, caps, and even bath towels! You go a little bit more extra and get your partner and you matches shoes or sunglasses too!

Compose a love song!

And have your friends sing it with you for your partner! This is super cheesy as well as a fun romantic way of showing your partner how much you love them. You don’t need to be a poet or perfect lyricist to make a cheesy romantic song. Just put some fun lines together and have a musician friend who can play the piano or guitar help you with the rhymes! This will definitely put a smile on your partner’s face!


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