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Potential Fire Hazards in the Holiday Seasons


Be it the holiday season or a special family event, when friends and family get together, making memories and having fun is all you can think about. Cooking hot meals, decorating your house and placing numerous gifts for the children are a few common things you might indulge in. While taking the dog out for a walk in the freezing neighborhood and scraping off snow and ice from your lawn are the two most frustrating downsides of winters, the truth is, ice will definitely not ruin your holidays. What might be a potential hazard is ‘fire’.

Fire in the kitchen during cooking, fire in the fireplace, space heaters, aroma candles and cake candles can all pose a threat. In order to stay safe during the holiday season and eliminate the chances of getting burnt or damaging the property via house fire, it is ideal to invest in fire equipment testing beforehand.

On the other hand, here are a few tips you can take into consideration and follow to stay stress-free and in the holiday spirit all winter long!

Check your Fire Safety Equipment

Keeping fire safety equipment handy at all times is crucial, especially during the holiday season when everyone is depending on you as hosts. You should check your smoke detectors, its batteries, last test and tag dates, etc.

You should also keep fire extinguisher Brisbane handy, charged, tested and tagged. Fire safety blankets and sand buckets should also be purchased and placed nearby for emergency situations.

Stay Warm Safely

Nobody likes cold temperatures during the holiday season. However, overheating indoor places is also not the answer. Welcome your guests to your cozy home by lighting up the fireplaces and placing space heaters in each room. However, in order to stay safe, it is ideal to check all flammable items in the room and keeping them away from the space heaters, at least 3-5 feet away.

As for fireplaces, initially, sallow professionals to inspect your chimney bi-annually. As soon as you get assured that everything is fine and perfect for use, before building a fire, opt for hard, seasoned wood only. Open your damper and for added safety, place a small gate in front of the fire so that kids do not fall into the fireplace as well as the sparks keep at bay.

Avoid using trash materials, papers, cardboard and other non-fireplace materials to build a fire. In addition, never leave the fire unattended.


Candles look great on cakes and the aroma all candles emit is, fresh and amazing. However, candles are one of the largest causes of house fires. Candles cannot only burn small kids but can also light up whole houses on fire.

The precautions you can take are:

  • Never leave candles unattended or in front of the children alone.
  • When it is time to call it a night, blow out the candles and make sure all kinds of fires are put out.
  • Never place candles on combustible surfaces or near combustible surfaces or items.
  • Keep candles away from children and pets.
  • Secure candles in candle stands and place them where they are not easily reachable.
  • Keep all candles away from Christmas tree.

Kitchen Calling

Kitchens are the most used place during the holiday season. Fire outbreaks due to stoves and ovens are numerous each year. Firstly, keep a grease fire extinguisher Brisbane handy. Do not leave the stove unattended or the stove running without use.
Clean all food spills so that they do not catch fire. Keep an eye on the food inside the oven from overheating or burning. Use oven safe utensils and dishes.

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