A savvy traveller’s insight to Dubai!


Travel agencies in Dubai and all over the world compare the city to Shanghai for its audacious structure, amazing skylines, chic fashion and art. If one’s to experience rich culture of the Dubai, live the Bedouin way or go camping in the desert.

Poetry, dance, songs and falconry all shape native’s heritage which you’ll be engulfed with upon a visit. In the last 10-years, Dubai emerged as one the most futuristic cities in the Middle East; quite like the West or perhaps better.

Sleek metro service zipping through the skyline, innumerable bars and nightclubs, splendid shopping malls all adds to the glitz and glamour. Go for gold-shopping in Deira souks, ride on camel’s back and witness amazing sunset over the horizon, enjoy puffing flavoured hookahs or simply ride in a dimly-lit dhow across the lakes and beaches!

The best time to visit

You’ll find the climate hot and arid all year long except from November till March when temperature is moderate. That’s the best time to visit while January is considered a blessed month with cloudy and rainy weather. It’s also a month when Dubai Shopping Festival initiates, witnessing thousands of customers, both local and international.

If you love the sun, sea and sand; spring and autumn are ideal months. Enjoy cooling off in air-conditioned bars, malls and restaurants. If there’s something hotter than summer’s blazing sun its travel discount for families and even individuals. June to September is cheapest time to visit Dubai but expect temperature to rise above 40 degrees.


When travelling from Dubai international Airport, taxi rides or car rentals are the best choices unless your hotel is catering free transportation. Government operated Dubai Taxi Corporation is the only service officially allowed to operate from airport. Still; if you prefer some other means of transportation, walk a few metres and find one out of the pool. Fare varies per location and even for particular time of the day.

The Dubai Bus and Dubai Metro are other services but most of them are replaced by metro services, yet giving you another choice to move around. Nevertheless when dragging a heavy luggage, ride in a taxi that’s spacious enough to accommodate you along! Dubai Metro is fully air-conditioned, providing immense pleasure to travel but not for passengers with bulky baggage.


Gleaming metallic and glass towers surround the city from all directions including the mighty Burj Khalifa. Between these buildings and neatly planned infrastructure, you’ll find some of the best places such as the Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates and Dragon Mart so on!

These shopping malls house indoor entertainment facilities for both children and adults alike. Malls aside, some adrenaline building activities include Desert Safari, Hot-air Balloon ride, Cycling, Golf, Tennis and many other sports.

Time for a feast

Every nook houses a small cafe or restaurant but some of the best are found in Downtown Dubai. Enjoy munching local and international cuisine along with pure Arab specialty! Dinner Cruise is simply outstanding; it provides banquet followed by Egyptian-style ballet dance but the best is it’s all above a barge.


There’s so much else to see and experience. Visit travel agencies in Dubai for more information on places to see and things to do if you’re new to the city!


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