Solar Eclipse

Top Places for Watching the Upcoming Solar Eclipse 21st-Aug-2017


Just one month later, i.e. August of the year of 2017, you shall get the opportunity to experience or observe a solar eclipse in the USA. This much talked about an event, or natural phenomenon shall take place on the 21st of August, 2017. So, are you ready for observing this event? If yes, then you need to know whether your area shall provide the best view of the solar eclipse or not. Moreover, weather condition is a significant factor for watching such phenomenon. The cloudy or overcast situation can spoil the show completely. Thus, you need to choose a place, where a chance of cloud or overcast shall be low.

To help you in finding the best places for watching or observing the upcoming solar eclipse, we have prepared a list with some useful tips ion the following section of the article. So, let us have a quick look at the places. It is to be remembered that few areas of North America have been chosen as ideal destinations.

  1. Lincoln Beach, Oregon

To watch solar eclipse 21st-Aug-2017, Lincoln Beach of Oregon could be the best place. The location can be reached with a simple 2-3 hours’ drive from Portland City. This beach is known for its calm atmosphere and enticing natural surroundings. In anyway, it is a great weekend destination for the families. So, this is the place where you plan on watching solar eclipse with kids and other family members while enjoying a short holiday. The only concern is the weather condition. Being a coastal area, it can attract clouds anytime, and thus condition may get overcast abruptly. If weather reports suggest that the place has the chance to have clouds, it is better to plan watching solar eclipse at some other location.

Solar Eclipse

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  1. Salem, Oregon

This is another place in Oregon to offer a good view of the upcoming solar eclipse. Salem is the capital city of the state of Oregon, though Portland is the biggest town in this state. Being local far from the sea, the place can be considered as a safer choice for observing the upcoming solar eclipse. For safety gears and other useful tips for watching solar eclipse safely, you can check

  1. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Situated on the North West side of the USA, Idaho Falls is popular as a tourist destination. Idaho has its airport, and thus it is a place easy to be reached. The location is ideal for a vacation. Nevertheless, it will offer an excellent view of the upcoming solar eclipse on the next month.

  1. Casper, Wyoming

Casper is the second-largest city in the state of Wyoming. It is a beautiful city, which is considered as a gateway to various traveling destinations. So, this could be an excellent destination for you and your family, if you intend to watch or observe the solar eclipse and at the same time enjoy a vacation with kids.

  1. Paducah, Kentucky

Located on the southwest side of the state of Kentucky, this is a perfect urban place having a great atmosphere in an offering. Located on the side of Ohio River, the site is poised to be one of the best destinations for watching the upcoming solar eclipse.

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