Top Reasons Why People Failed in the PMP Exam Certification

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Worried about whether or not you’ll pass the PMP exam on the first attempt? You are not alone! Even after all the hard work that you’ve put in, the fear of failing to pass the exam looms until the day you get the results.

A major reason for this is that there is no particular ratio which the PMI uses to gauge whether or not a candidate has passed the PMP certification exam. Instead, there is a system in place which calculates the difficulty of the questions. Not to forget the fact that many of the questions are usually tricky. While the exam itself is not very difficult, it’s the lack of preparation in the correct manner which results in the failure.

If you are about to appear for the certification exam, we have created a list of some top reasons due to which people fail in PMP exam.

Not Reading The PMBOK Guide Thoroughly

While the exam is not based on the guide entirely, it surely is an important resource if you want to pass the exam. You should go through the entire guide at least a couple of times to make it through. No matter what study materials you choose or workshop you attend, the PMBOK Guide is important and should not be skipped in any case.

Not Attending A Good Training Program

In a bid to save some money and get the required 35 contact hours, a lot of candidates attend cheap PMP training course. Just like most things in life, you’ll get what you pay for. While a formal training in the classroom can be the best bet, you can look for a reputed online course or a self-learning course if classroom training is not available in your region or if the cost is very high.

Not Understanding The Correct PMP Concepts

A lot of things in the PMBOK Guide might not make a lot of sense at first. The guide is filled with a lot of complex examples and even the language used in most parts is fairly complicated with a lot of industry-specific terms. This is where the study materials get into the picture. The books, audio files, or tutorials you select would make it easier for you to understand the PMP concepts in a simpler manner.

Not Going Through Sample Tests

Even after preparing well for the exam, a lot of candidates just freeze during the actual exam. While this can be due to intense pressure or fear, sample tests are a great way to tackle this problem. You can now easily find several online sample tests which you can take to prepare yourself for the actual exam better. Just like most things related to PMP certification exam, you can find free as well as paid tests.

Only Relying On Free Resources

While there is now no shortage of free resources, you should know that every free online resource is not the same. Many of them are indeed excellent, but a lot of them are questionable too. Just don’t search for free resources and start using it. Search a little more and only use reliable and reported resources if you want to pass the exam.

Not Having A Solid Plan

Even before you start preparing for the exam or pick a PMP training course, you should first have a solid study plan in place. You should know the number of hours you’ll dedicate to it each day, the chapters you’ll cover and the sample tests you’ll take. Think of this exam as a project, and you’ll be better able to navigate it successfully with this mindset.

It is said that around 30%-40% of the people who take the exam fail in their first attempt. If you do not want to be one of them, this list of top reasons why people fail in the PMP exam is something that you should keep in mind.

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