Yealink VC120: The power of video conferences at the best price


Videoconferences have become a necessity for the handler of business online. We even dare to say they are a necessary complement that can help seal a deal. Many barriers have been broken since their implementation. Getting to know and interact with clients that are in the other side of the world has become the norm for many business owners.

Making contact with new markets while lowering the costs of a first-time meetingis indeed a great advantage. Not many businesses can be open to new markets if they have to spend their initial budget in recurring travels. Fortunately Yealink is here to offer the best technology to set up the best videoconferences at the best price. Equipment like the Yealink VC120 is sold at a competitive cost to offer the best price-value relation and benefits of this device.

Video conferences can help established brands and startup efforts alike by making possible instant meeting with partners, suppliers or even to offer customer support to your clients all over the world.Videoconferences not only offer savings on travel expenses. They are a tool of logistic nature that makes everyone involved in a specific deal aware of what they should expect of each other. It makes the parties involved save time and money.And the fluidness of this communication process does lead to customer satisfaction.

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Using the Yealink VC120 in your business can help reach new levels of interaction with your clients and your work team. Here’s some of the work dynamics that usually required an in-location team meeting that can be done now using a powerful videoconference device:

Setting a coordination meeting

The scheduling of a meeting for a team is usually a very difficult task, even if your employees are under the same roof. If they are located in different venues it may be downright impossible on a short notice. To avoid the complications of going over specifics a videoconference can be set-up to treat the details that need correction or a new perspective. This way everyone can keep focused on their job and save time.

Assignment of new projects

By using the Yealink VC120 your work team can receive instructions on what they should focus next, as soon as they are done with the assignations you hand them. Videoconferences can also help your team get on the same page around a new project. Giving a chance to everyone to make their input and offer feedback.

Technical assistance

Video Conferencing brands can help your employees and work partners to solve technical issues on hardware and software level. The tool can be used to offer instructions on solving specific issues by using split screen.

Training and formation

A company that cares about updating the abilities of their employees usually had to lose a workday or two to offer training courses in-location. Using the VC120 and the right schedule plan you only need a few hours of the day to impart the knowledge you want to offer to your workers through a videoconference.

Taking care of a client

This may be the most controversial use for videoconferences, since most meetings with new clients are recommended to be in person. But the globalized world has made it possible to overcome such formalities. A meeting with a potential client can be done on-line as long as the two parties involved have no problems with it. Modern working relations and contracts are signed this way. The success rate of the initial meeting will go beyond if a deal is closed, to offer follow up on the clients’ satisfaction and technical assistance if it’s needed.

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