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How to Calculate GST On The Basis Of Transaction Value?

The GST regime has changed the Indian tax regime completely. It has subsumed various taxes by categorizing them into two major ones- CGST and SGST. Though this new taxation policy has simplified whole of the taxation system, it is not yet clear to many. Consumers

White Smoke

Make Your Writing Error-free Using WhiteSmoke

Wanna make your documents error-free? Are your struggling to master grammar and spelling rules? If the answer to these questions is in yes, we have the best solution for you. Try your hands on WhiteSmoke to get rid of all these troubles. The educational software

Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills

Designer Facial Fillers on the Rise It is not uncommon for a person to have insecurities about their facial features. Targeting specific areas of the face has become an increasingly popular request for cosmetic surgeons. Facial fillers have made it possible for patients to correct

Anniversary Flowers

Top Things To Do On Your Anniversary

After working day and night and doing mundane chores every day, a couple waits for the anniversary. It is the day that brought the two of you together and you definitely want to relive the moment. Well, anniversary flowers are the archaic ways of making

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding DJ Melbourne for Your Wedding

One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is the entertainment. Couples must never underestimate the impact of music in their ceremony and reception because its music that will create the right tone for the event. Hiring professional wedding entertainment Melbourne comes considerably