Technology and advanced trends in the market have totally transited the way businesses used to think about outsourcing. Even the manner in which customer service is provided is changed completely.  2017 as a year has seen a lot of new techniques and tools included in the call center technology. Even better analytics and strategic thinking are reshaping the call center service industry to its core.

Call center service providers are seeking new and innovative ways to draw more & more businesses. Some are using the latest technology and some are utilizing the professional experts as their asset. But, what exactly are the trends that are going to shape the future of call industry in this year? Although a quarter of 2018 is almost gone, still, there are aspects that may change, impact or disrupt the call center sector. Through this blog, we are going to pinpoint some of the trending call center factors that may affect the BPO industry this year:

The big changes in digital

Previously, if a business tries to show its distinctiveness, a first-rate product/service was offered. The much superior your product/service is, more your brand stands out of the competition. But, this was true two decades back. Now, customers have become more demanding. Apart from the good quality product, businesses also need to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

Gone are the times when customer communication was emphasized more than anything. Now, if you want to acquire a large customer base, you should be able to provide a stellar level of service experience.

There are too many firms that are adopting the multichannel & omnichannel approach, using machine-to-machine interaction through the internet of things, and using social media networks to engage customers. This means customers have a lot of alternatives today. And so, if you are not offering your customers the comprehensive and consistent experience they expect, then you are surely going to lose them.

Understanding this, today, proficient call center service providers have transformed themselves into a contact center owners. As a contact center is known to reformulate the overall customer experience, more & more call centers are now choosing to transform. In addition to this, consolidated interaction and collusion tools such as team collaboration applications are becoming tactically significant for the call center industry.

Improvised analytics

With so many technologically-enabled tools in the market, call centers are innovating their business functions like never before. Now to assess the efforts put in these strategies, contact centers have come up with numerous analytics. Call center service managers are now using this analytics such as AHT (average hold time) and call-to-response to examine their performance.

Along with this, call centers are also gathering customer data from different digital platforms to use it to provide the best of service. Call centers taking an omnichannel approach depend a lot on the statistics offered by the analytical programs. So, the trend of advanced analytics is going to stay this year and impact the industry altogether.

A communication stretched to various platforms

The best way for a call center to stand out of the cut-throat competition is by using an omnichannel approach for its business. Since the value of personalized communication is elevated in recent times, the majority of call centers are now understanding the true significance of call center services integrated with an omnichannel presence.

When you are able to engage customers on more than one platforms not just to convey the message but also to influence their purchase decision it is known as an omnichannel approach. In addition to this, call centers are also ensuring to gather feedback from the customers so as to understand the bottleneck in their service and eradicate it correspondingly.

This approach offers the call center agents to provide prompt solutions by getting a much clearer vision of customer’s problems. Different platforms that are covered in this approach are chat support, text, email, social media, etc.

The emergence of cloud services

Today, the meaning of customer service has been completely revamped. For instance, if you want to serve your customers while they are exploring your offerings on the website, you can offer a live chat support assistance. The chat support agent can work remotely too. In fact, remote experts are becoming the latest trend in the call center sector. With the emergence of cloud communication, the requirement of a brick-mortar office is slowly dipping down the lane.

Hence, cloud service communication is going to impact the call center industry in coming years, owing to so many advancements and updates happening every now and then.

Social media interaction

There is no doubt that social networking sites have become a platform where businesses are tapping customers. Customers also have been providing fair and genuine feedback on the businesses they are dealing with. This provides an opportunity for the call center experts who are trying to engage more & more customers to utilize this dais for a better CSAT score and enhanced revenue.



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