How Does Color Psychology Affect Home Rentals?


Color plays a much more vital role in our mood than we would like to admit. While skeptics may disagree, the facts speak for themselves. Some colors promote efficiency and some make you happy, while others can make you gloomy and leave you feeling weirdly anxious. When it comes to property dealings and home rentals, especially those which are already built or are refurbished homes, color is of utmost significance. Colors can affect a buyer’s attitude by possibly triggering nostalgic memories, emotions or simply being pleasing to look at.


Colors have a psychological impact on us, from movies to real life, it is proven that our minds divert their point of attraction according to the state they are in. Here are some colors and their psychological impact on us in the context of property dealing and interior design:

1)    Yellow

Yellow Residential Building

A jolly color associated with lightness, yellow is often used for windowless spaces to create the illusion of sunlight. However, choose the wrong shade and the phrase “Yellow yellow, dirty fellow” becomes more than applicable!

Founder of LMC Interior Designs in Atlanta, GA, Lauren Colson, an expert in color consultations, states: “Yellow is such a statement color. People either love yellow or they hate it…If you want to use it in your home, I’d stick to soft yellow shades in a warm buttery base.”

2)    Blue

Feeling blue is not just a statement, it is a state where you have to live and survive. However, when we talk about “living in blue”, it is not always a negative statement.

Blue hues are comforting. Ever wondered why so many social media platforms are blue? They want you to relax and spend as much time on their website as possible! Blues can remind us of picturesque views of the ocean so if you ever want to relax, shift to a blue room!

3)    Green

Green is, obviously, a call to nature. This spirited color is soothing and works perfectly with homes in the countryside. For those trapped in an urban jungle, a color green in the house can help you connect with nature even when you are far from it!

Pale greens are great balancers and act as a neutralizer between shocking and dull colors. So if your house has several color schemes converging as the rooms change you might want to consider pale greens to join them. On the other hand, you simply cannot go wrong with earth greens! Moss is a safe color which increases your home’s aesthetic value dramatically. Nothing is cozier than the feeling of fresh soil and Earth beneath you. Connect with nature though greens!

4)    Gray

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“Nothing is ever black and white, it’s always gray.” No! Gray is gray and it is beautiful. Rather than being a neutral color, gray has a ton of personality! This color helps bring the house together by going brilliantly with other colors. Hallways and gateways are often painted in gray to bring the house together. The color is also calming and can entail several strong emotions.

However, design savviness is required when applying different shades of gray in your house as this color can make you shift from a homey feeling to an entirely different mood! These hues can either create a warm and welcoming room or be completely contrasting and create a depressing room which lacks any form of emotion. Beige based grays are comforting and beautiful while blue based grays give an icy vibe which may not suit everyone’s aesthetic. It’s all about preference at the end of the day! Consult an expert when dealing with gray, we beg you!

5)    Brown

We are officially making an appeal, brown is not boring! The color may seem uninviting, but its aesthetic is unlike any other and works like a charm! Even the brown palette is calming in its own right. They are perfect for entertainment spaces and chill spots for their natural ability to create coziness. This is a very attractive attribute especially for families and those who like to party, which certainly makes property dealing a lot easier. Why does wooden material always feel luxurious and comfortable? Brown is suitable for study spaces and living rooms as well.

However, there are some universal rules that all designers follow and we implore you to consider them before painting your house.

Tip: Oranges and reds are a big no-no. It might sound like a unique and exciting color but it’s unique for a reason. People don’t use it because it rarely looks good. It is not that these colors cannot be attractive in their own way but it is a simple fact that they may leave you feeling anxious and aggressive.


No color is the same, nor does it have the same effect. Even different shades and hues mean different things to different people. Create a home-like feel as this is very much important in the field of home rentals. Too much of one color is boring, too many colors create a chaotic mess. Balance is key!

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