Starting Guides for Property Refurbishment and Renovation


Housing and lifestyle have a perfect combination when house owners have special belief in the concept of ‘Change’. Designs, styles and colors are evolving day by day and most of the house owners are interested in estate management and they are paying special attention towards their traditional properties in these aspects.

British architecture has a special footprint in the history of world’s architecture and some people emphasis on retaining that classic ancient style on their homes while renovating.

Property renovation industry is as big as the architecture and engineering business, while refurbishing your old property, here are some key points we advise you to follow:

1. Cost
2. Time
3. Materials
4. Your vision

The cost of any refurbishment will depend upon several aspects like the area that the extension or renovation will cover, the quality and type of material the renovation is going to need, methods and practices used for renovation and many other things like flooring, lighting etc.

Whenever you choose to renovate your old home, time factor is going to play a vital role. You should consider that renovation can take a weekend or a whole week or even a month depending on the work that has to be done. This part is to be considered while opting for property refurbishment because you may need to move to temporary living space if it’s going to take a while for refurbishment of your property for the safety reasons.

While focusing on material part, we suggest not keeping eye only on physical materials that are going to be used for renovation, paperwork is also a part of material, and you have to take various permissions from local authorities and councils.

The most important key factor to keep in mind is your vision about this task. If you don’t have any idea about renovation, get a advice from professional property refurbishment consultancy, they have N number of choices if you are confused about renovation.

Following is a step by step guide that explains property refurbishment London:

1. Finding and evaluating the project: Almost all the properties are viable for renovation; the key is evaluating the design and financial potential before committing to any refurbishment company.

2. Completing the deal: Run-Down estates are high in demand, with everyone jumping to a project they can put their own name on. You should focus on the process of buying including buying a property at various auctions, sealed bids and financing your own property with specialist renovation mortgage.

3. Design Part: While giving on emphasis on Design factor, you should look out for finding a good designer, how much to pay for design work, mistakes to avoid while designing, energy efficiency and planning permissions.

4. Restoring the existing features: One of the greatest aspects of property renovation in London is retaining the authenticity of few features they possess. But if they are in poor condition then it will need a special attention while repairing them.

5. Structural Changes: Structural changes will focus on adding space in your property with conversion of basement, garage conversion or loft conversion and few projects will need to knock down some walls if you are considering the remodeling.

6. Updating of electricals and heating equipment: Old equipment turn out to be a real pain when it comes to estate reformation, so it is advised to change all the old electric cabling, lights and heating equipment like stoves and chimneys etc.

7. Economic Renovation: Eco-vation or eco-renovation is the newest trend of improving the energy efficiency of your old property making it less draughty and more economical to live in.

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