6 On The Mark SEO Trends To Follow in 2017


SEO is one major technique for marketing managers, business owners and anyone looking to make money online. The latest SEO trends show important changes that are worth paying attention to. It may be necessary to modify some aspects of websites to achieve a good positioning in the search engines and thus obtain better results in your marketing strategies.

Search engine optimization (SEO) will continue to be a fundamental tool in digital marketing in 2017. Here are the key SEO strategies & techniques to be followed this year:


SEO Trend 1: Link Baiting

Link Baiting is a search engine optimization strategy that uses techniques to stimulate websites and blogs to create links to the company’s website, using high-quality content such as “Bait.”

Several years ago the creation of quality content was crucial to achieve a good organic positioning in search engines since Google and other search engines privilege this type of content in the search results.


SEO Trend 2: Social Networking

Social networks are increasingly important in search engine rankings. Repins, retweets, comments, likes and other elements of interaction in addition to generating traffic to the website will be considered for organic positioning in search engines.

The option of sharing in social networks in articles becomes crucial in the templates of websites. It is even desirable that each social network explicitly has the number of times shared.


SEO Trend 3: Semantic Positioning

The semantic search engine positioning is to help the search engines to understand exactly what your pages are about and it is important as more and more the search results take the context into account.

The growth of voice searches is another reason why Semantic SEO becomes very important. In order to improve semantic positioning, keywords should be included in the publications that include the keywords naturally. One must depend upon the different ways that users will search on Google.


SEO Trend 4: Mobile Device Compatibility

The technology of Responsive Web Design that guarantees that the website adapts to any device in which it is loaded will be more important every day to achieve a good positioning in search engines.

The size of fonts, menus and other items should be taken into account for a good experience on mobile devices. Google has a service to test the compatibility of a website with mobile devices. If you want to try the tool with your website you can click here.


SEO Trend 5: Content Marketing

People like to buy, but we do not like being sold, which is why it is essential to create the website or blog quality content of interest to the audience.

If you want to know how to build a content marketing strategy, you can search for “Los Angeles SEO agency.”


SEO Trend 6: Local Positioning

Local search engine positioning is responsible for showing the location of a local business in Google’s search results (SERPs) associated with a particular area or region. Including the city within the keywords will improve the results obtained by Local SEO.

Following these SEO strategies, you can achieve a better position over Google.


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