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8 Blog Promotion Strategies You Must Never Avoid

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The Internet is overcrowded with blogs on different topics and of various quality. Whether you are just starting developing your blog or you have been a blogger for some time, there are strategies for promoting your blog you should not neglect. If you use these strategies, chances are you’re gonna increase your blog traffic and position yourself higher on the ladder.

Online promotion strategies

Of course, your blog only works online and it is only natural that there are excellent online strategies that can be used to further promote your blog. Check out the most important ones:

  • Collaborate with other bloggers

Even though you may not care about other bloggers’ popularity, you still need their help to attract people. If you are willing to share their articles, chances are they will do the same for you. Another advantage is that, if you network with them, you can generate links that are actually of great quality. Think about following them on Twitter, so you can comment on their posts on daily basis. If they consider your blog interesting enough, they could easily start doing the same for you!

  • Be active on popular forums

If you are an expert in any field, you should be a part of forums concerning your niche. There you can post any questions you have or useful feedback to your fellow members. Of course, if you are an active member, it can help you reach people interested in what you have to say or what you do, so they’ll start visiting your blog. Moreover, you can start following some of the members on Facebook, for example, and grow your network. Don’t stay within the blog domain all the time and think it would be enough for generating the traffic.

  • Blog optimization for search engines                                                                                                                                                                                                      Don’t fall in a trap and concentrate solely on developing your brand while forgetting about the search engines. Almost two-thirds of the traffic to a blog is achieved through search engines, so make sure that every blog post is optimized for them. Every article you post should contain keywords that you have previously researched. You should also use SEO plugins, which help you create appropriate SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions, as well as specific heading tags in your post. Last thing – interlink your posts, which will also cut on the bounce rate of your blog’s traffic.

  • Present yourself on a webinar or at a professional conference

People need to hear what you have to say and what you know, but you need a bigger audience for that. No better place for advertising yourself (and your blog!) that an online webinar. Opting for professional solutions among different commercial audio video AV installations can level up your event and also add a fine point to add to your resume. Regarding professional conferences, if you can’t make it to TED talks, there are plenty of others out there.

Offline promotion strategies

Promoting your blog doesn’t necessarily mean there is nothing you can do outside the web. Here’s what you can do while you’re offline:

  • Use the power of the media

An influential newspaper can be as equally effective as a good post. You can call the editor and offer a free article in exchange for mentioning your blog in the byline. By the words of Mavian Arocha-Rowe, a founding editor of Chispa Magazine “Even though it isn’t possible to click on the link in the actual newspaper, people will look you up when they sit in front of their laptops if they liked what you had written. It’s about the quality of the text, not just quick access.” The print isn’t the only media – offer yourself as a guest in a radio talk show concerning the topic you’re an expert in. The same applies to television.

  • Event with rewards

Events are what most attracts people’s attention. Nothing stops you from organizing an event where you can present an award. People will consider you an expert. Whether you take nominations or just announcing the winner, it is still going to mean popularity for you. If the award represents your brand and invites people to visit your blog – even better. If everything goes smoothly, you can think of making it an annual event.

  • Promote yourself through your business card

A lot of bloggers ignore the need for the business card but the truth is – you never know who is going to care about your blog or if the person you gave your card to knows somebody who would be really interested in what you have to say. Just design your business card carefully, including your logo, tagline and contact information.

  • Organize a teaching class

Webinar doesn’t have to be the only way you present people what you know. If you take a careful look at your most popular posts on the blog, you could easily set up a class based on them, with a specific topic. Or you can have your field of expertise presented. It is up to you whether it’s going to be one-month course or a day seminar.

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