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Increase Page Rank For Your Website

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Page rank in major search engines is a very important factor as it determines traffic to your site. Websites owners are working tirelessly to improve their websites ranks on major search engines. To achieve this objective, there are factors that you need to work on; content is one of the most important things in any given site. Always ensure that the content is well written with good spacing, text color, and font size. These factors determine whether your content is readable or not.


Good content should be well spaced and paragraphed. Use colors that can be read comfortably by all people including those who have eye problems. The color should also contrast well with the background. In this case, if the color used in the background is dark, the text color should be bright and vice versa. Ensure that the content does not have spelling and grammatical mistakes. An example of an excellent site isĀ Carlined. Always read through after you are done writing to rectify any mistakes. The content was written should be SEO friendly to allow clients to access your site from major search engines. This is made possible by including keywords throughout the content.


With the high-quality content rich in keywords, you can introduce other approaches to improve your site rank. You can build links to other sites to do this. The links can be one way, two-way links, and three-way links. With these links, our site can be accessed from hundreds of sites on the internet. You can improve this by building more links with high ranking and popular sites. Such sites include search engines, articles directories, social networking sites, and forums. If the sites become too many, you may consider organizing them into either link wheels or link pyramid. This organization assists in knowing which links are bringing good traffic and which are not. At such a point, you can try improving on the links with low traffic to get more traffic.


You can improve on such links with the approach of using baits. Baits, in this case, can be well-written articles and content. You can submit the well-written articles to article directories and websites that accept such deals. There are many blogs and directories that accept article submissions but you have to qualify. In most cases, you will be asked to submit articles, they are reviewed and then given feedback on whether you qualify or not. If you qualify, you will be allowed to be submitting articles from time to time. Always make sure that each of the articles you submit has a link to your actual site. If you articles are liked by clients reading them, they will want more and visit your site. You will, therefore, have more traffic as time passes by. To make sure that you do not lose traffic you get, make sure that the quality of the content is maintained. At the same time, submit new content every few days. Consistency in updating content will keep people coming back and referring others to visit your site.

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