PPC as a Marketing Strategy


A great way to boost the performance of your website is with PPC. In Dubai, as with anywhere else in the world, local businesses can improve both their online and in-store traffic with a good pay-per-click campaign. But what exactly is PPC? Pay-per-click is a type of advertising in which advertisers like you pay a set amount each time a user clicks on it. The advertiser will specify how much they are willing to pay for their ad, and whether they want it to be placed in search results, embedded on websites, or both. The ad network will place the ads accordingly, but you are always in control of your spend.

Design a hot campaign for PPC

Designing a campaign for PPC  can get technical. Some of the things that a marketing agency will take into account when putting together your campaign are:

  • Ad Group – It is easier to reach more potential customers with a group of similar adverts instead of just one.  An effective online marketing strategy is to design a few advertisements promoting the different services that your business offers.
  • Keywords – Each ad group will make use of specific, targeted keywords that potential consumers will be using when searching so that the ads can be served to users searching for those products or services.
  • Ad Text – The text chosen for your advertisements will not only be related to your keywords, but will also be descriptive and catchy. The ad text will be designed to capture the interest of potential customers and compel them to click on your ad.
  • Landing Page – The whole point of a PPC ad is to take the potential customer somewhere; somewhere where their interest can be converted into a sale or a hot lead. This is called the landing page.

Making the right campaign for you

For any business in PPC could be the online marketing content strategy that saves their brand. PPC is a cost-effective option that can offer huge results. Speak to a professional marketing agency to make PPC part of your marketing strategy today. Is this information useful? Share it with your colleagues.


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