Expand your online presence with a PPC company


PPC is a powerful tool to use for modern day consumers, and it now involves a lot more than paid search advertising. PPC can include advertising on large platforms like YouTube, Gmail and Google Shopping – with this reach it can generate a huge amount of traffic to your website and boost sales.

Looking to expand your business? Pay per click advertising (PPC) could be the answer as it is a fantastic tool for increasing your visibility online. Consumers rely heavily on the internet and search engines to find what they are looking for, so it is vital that you are easy to find online.

PPC is a form of marketing where an advertiser places an advert online and then pays a small fee when this advert is clicked on. In theory, this cost will be trivial, and you will see significant ROI as an increase in traffic should lead to sales (provided that your website is easy to navigate). The most common form of PPC is called Paid Search Advertising, and it delivers fast and measurable results on search engine results pages.In addition to paid search, a top PPC company will also offer a few other forms:

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is rapidly increasing in popularity, and it is a platform where e-commerce websites need to appear. Google Shopping campaigns can put your products in front of your target audience, and this can even allow smaller businesses to compete against the larger retailers. This is possible through matching specific search queries to the products that you provide.


Remarketing is incredibly efficient and a clever technique. If a consumer visits your website and shows an interest in a particular product, remarketing can advertise this product to them as they continue to surf the web. Remarketing has high conversion rates as you are advertising to those that have shown a direct interest in your company and particular products. You can even upsell products after they have made a purchase or promotional offers to win them over.

Gmail Advertising

Gmail advertising has enormous reach as Gmail has over 1 billion active users and people check their emails on a regular basis. This makes it the ideal platform for advertising to both new and existing customers and ads can be targeted by age, location, gender, interests and more. Ads appear in a collapsed format (much like an email), and you only pay when the advert is expanded. When you use beautifully designed adverts or video, this can be an excellent way to boost sales.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is another huge platform that also has over 1 billion users. Video advertising is on the rise and adverts on YouTube can be targeted by age, interests, location and gender. The advert can appear before their chosen video, and you only pay when the user clicks on your advert.

As you can see, PPC involves much more than paid search and is a fantastic way to create a powerful online presence.



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