The Importance of Including Search Engine Optimization in Web Designing


With the advent of search engines, the practices for search engine optimization has changed a lot. Earlier, the use of keywords in multiple pages was enough to improve the rankings on search engines. But, today the scenario is entirely different. The present day search algorithms are completely different. As compared to the earlier times, the algorithms are much stricter. To achieve the top ranks on search engines, it takes a lot more than what it used to be a few years ago. Some technologies are available today with contemporary site designers to come up with better websites. Search engine optimization should be properly integrated into the designing layout of the site. While selecting a company that offers website designing service, make sure that you hire the one who can provide search engine optimized website layout.

Certain web design features and components are known for being the primary concern of search engine optimization. Search engines are simply about providing the net users with what they are looking for. So, it is always an ideal option to design websites from the perspective of the users. It will enhance the rankings of the search engines due to several technical reasons. While designing a website, there are some SEO points that can be considered for the best results. Hiring the service of SEO services by Rocket Globe can enable you to get the best possible results within short span of time. Some of the points above are discussed below for the readers:

The trends in web design

To ensure continued interaction with the site, it is essential that you come up with engaging content at the finger tips of the readers or users. This will lead the prospective buyer through the process of storytelling which finally ends with the action of the customer. It is a daunting task for the web designers to keep things easy for the users while meeting the severe challenges of SEO at the same time.


This is the latest coding language for website development and designing. As compared to the previous HTML5 designs, this is much more inspirational and interactive. It is quite essential to code the language properly for proper and effective search engine recognition. To ensure that the search engine bots index the site better, you can make sure of HTML5 to depict the static content on the site.

Cognitive dissonance

When using a site if a user cannot feel comfortable due to any reason then without slightest hesitation, he will move on to the next website available on the list. This is where the real meaning of cognitive dissonance lies. It means matching the expectation with the reality. People will surely avoid your site if their expectations do not meet your output. For instance, if your site is not user-friendly and cluttered with too many spin contents, then net users would love to leave it for the next best alternative rather than staying in such a chaotic environment. The design of a site should be driven by the user experience and data to engage the visitors for a longer period.

Responsive website design

This means designing websites that are compatible with all platforms and devices. Today, there are multiple devices on which a user can access a web page. So, it is essential that your web page be designed in such a way that it can be opened from any device. This will ensure great user experience and also important from the aspect of search engine optimization. Initially, two websites were required to be created – one for desktop site and the other one for the mobile site. As the modern day sites are accessible on both the mobile and desktop using the same link, the link equity stays undiluted.

Less is More

This concept is little tricky to understand. This indicates to just reducing the contents, which can be a great option for SEO. Most of the experts will take this as an SEO disaster. But, do you ever think that too many products on a single platform can make a choice difficult. If you ponder for even a minute, you can understand this simple point. Keeping a few engaging contents for the readers on your website will enable them to make a choice easily. In fact, the latest SEO practices only avoid the posting or use of too many contents on in the page. Again, too many subcategories and categories can also overwhelm the audience, making them disconnected from the original content.

What is Reasonable surfer patent?

Google has no doubt, Reasonable surfer patent that works on the main concept of prominent links getting more clicks and leading to bettering ranking of the internal pages. By only moving or navigating the prominent links to a location which is not so popular, you will get a reduced ranking on the search engines. Thus, it implies that search engine optimization is closely related to web design and so while changing the website anytime you need to keep the importance of search engine optimization in mind.


Proper web design decisions are essential because wrong decisions can completely lead to poor search engine optimization. The best practices and accessibility of website are necessary as per the new web design trends. You can hit two birds at the same time, which means you can benefit both your business as well as the users by getting a site designed in a user-friendly manner. A website that is easy to navigate and clear to understand can surely overwhelm internet users. The website structure should also be a breeze for the net users to navigate the site and look for exactly what they are searching for. The best way to go about is creating a website layout from the view point of the users and implementing the latest web design practices with the search engine optimization.


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