SEO Tips That Work Great


Whether or not you are a tech geek, you must have heard about SEO somehow. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a collection of different methods and techniques for making websites optimized for SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). SERP’s are the result pages which are shown to users when they make a particular query about something. If you are thinking those results are randomly generated, just think how any system can be so smart to randomly generate the most relevant results especially out of millions of websites. There are different techniques through which search engines determine relevant information and providing this information to search engines is SEO. Summarizing all the things we can conclude that SEO is all the effort one does to improve ranking of its website or blog in SERP’s.

Here are some of the tips that are really useful for any website or blog. These techniques are very easy and implementable so, if you are a beginner these tips are for you.

Website Structure:

The organization and front end of your website is important from both SEO and user point of views. Search engines crawl all the websites and their linked pages on the internet to find relevant and most updated information. If you have structured your site well, crawlers will easily find and index all pages. Also linking all pages of your sites together will make it easy for visitors to navigate anywhere on your website. A common rule is that any information should be available within three clicks.

Page URL:

Although there are different keywords phrases for which you optimize your keywords but it is highly recommended to use any of the most relevant keywords in your URL. Using keywords in URL directly affects you search rankings. Remember one golden rule to always use hyphens to separate words from one another. Google treats words separated with underscores as single complete word so use hyphen instead of underscore. And always use static URL’s instead of dynamic one’s as they are easy to read.

Title Tags and meta descriptions:

Title tags and meta descriptions are equally important for any website or blog. Title tag easily describes what your blog or website is all about so being creative and explanatory while writing this tag is highly advised. Your title tag should be persuading and catchy for your target audiences also try not to be so long or short. Similar goes for meta descriptions.

Use ALT attribute to optimize images:

Search engines cannot read information presented in form of images. So, in order to tell them this information ALT attribute is IMG tag is used to define an image in words. Also this text definition is displayed in browser if image does not load properly somehow.

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