How To Get More Clients WithThe 3 M’s of Marketing


M1 = Target Market. Who is your client? If you said everyone, then you are in trouble. To help find your target market you need to ask yourself a few questions. Who are my typical clients? Male or female? What age group? What location? What income? What profession? What interests? Married, engaged, single? Children? Homeowner or renter? Business, government, or residential? English speaker or non-English speaker? The answers will help you target a specific audience and help setup our 2nd M.

M2 = Message. What would you like to communicate to your target market? What action do you want them to make? Most people would say I want them to buy. However, you will be more successful if you can get them to take small actions that lead up to a sale. You will also want to address your client’s needs, objections, wants, and a call to action in your message. This is also known as 35 NOW (3 to 5 different needs, objections, and wants.

M3 = Medium. What vehicle will you choose to communicate your message? Radio, television, flyer, newspaper, magazine, Google, social media or other?

This sounds simple enough; however, you would be surprised how many businesses ignore the 3Ms of marketing. For example, we helped a client that used to go door-to-door and passed out business cards for his pool business. The problem is many of these people did not have a pool and those that did have a pool did not want pool service. The marketing he was doing before was in the wrong sequence. He first chose his medium, then his message, and finally his target market. He did this for over 5 years and eventually had 50 clients.

However, the client wanted to grow faster. As a result, he applied the 3Ms of marketing in the correct sequence by deciding that his target market would be pool owners, over the income of $75,000, within specific communities in Tulare County, who are actively looking for pool service or repair. His social media, website, and advertising mediums addressed his target market’s needs, objections, and wants.
Within three years his business grew to over 350+ clients and 4 new trucks to help service his clients. By applying the 3Ms of marketing in the specific sequence mentioned above, he was able to get more clients.

Written by Noemi Chavez owner of Chavez Web Design, LLC

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