The Future Of AI In SEO

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Recently, AI or Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the internet. Bit by bit, industries are slowly accepting and implementing the use of AI in their environment. Digital marketing is undergoing major changes in order to make room for AI utilization. It seems that almost all of the industries are applying AI. That leaves Search Engine Optimization or SEO behind, doesn’t it?

However, did you know that the application of AI has been with SEO since 2015?


SEO and Artificial Intelligence

The internet is housing billions and billions of data every day. Internet users are still growing in numbers by the day and this goes to show that internet usage is not stopping.

Due to the overwhelming numbers of information that are sent on the web on a daily basis, it is impossible for normal human beings to manually analyze each and every data. This is where implementation of AI begins in the SEO world.

Here are a few examples of how AI is implemented in the SEO world.


AI in Google

A perfect example of implementing AI in SEO is Google. Google pledged that they will provide their users with the best of the best results in the search engines. Therefore, how can they filter through all of those data on the internet? AI.

RankBrain is Google’s AI that utilizes machine learning to improve the search results that are presented to the user. If RankBrain isn’t familiar with the word, it makes a guess of what the word is based on other words or phrases that held a similar meaning to it.


Web Searching with AI


AI not only affects SEO from RankBrain and Google. Users also contribute to the use of AI in affecting how SEO is utilized nowadays through voice search via virtual assistants. With the growth of mobile internet users, the use of virtual assistants and voice search are high in demand.

How people search using their voice and how they search when typing from a keyboard drastically differs from one another. With AI managing the queries, this definitely is a game changer for SEO specialists, business owners and marketers alike in the mobile SEO world.


AI for SEO: How It Impacts SEO


No More Spam

With the use of AI, this makes it harder to SEO specialist performing Black Hat to continue their trade. The AI is capable of finding out if the links that are included in a content is unnatural. Google’s RankBrain performs for the sole purpose to provide quality and relevant content to users.

Contents that come as spammy or unusual will be ignored and won’t be featured in the SERPs or Search Engine Results Page for the users to engage in.


Content Quality is Key

With regards to reducing spam results in the SERPs, the AI is capable of understanding the content of the article and not just the keywords. As a matter of fact, the AI understands if the content is filled with unnatural keywords and keyword stuffing.

Therefore, keyword density and other factors that are famously used in the past stays in the past. Acquiring relevance and high-quality content is one sure-fire way to get on RankBrain’s good side.


Visual Content

Before, Google can’t understand what images, video and sound clips are. It relies on text or descriptions in order to understand what that means and what it is. This means that optimization in content doesn’t just stop in text and keyword optimization but also optimizing your visual content.

Visual content is one of the most vital factors in creating good content. However, remember that visual content should still be relevant to the content that you are creating.

What Can AI Offer in SEO?


Enhance Content’s Worth

If AI can analyze if a content is of quality or not, it can also assist you with improving your content quality. Even though content marketing is not SEO, these two come hand in hand when it comes to improving your site in the SERPs. AI generated content enhances keyword optimization and boosting its visibility in the search results.


Improvement in UX

One of the things that the AI is capable of is analyzing and evaluating data on the internet. Utilizing the AI’s ability to do that, SEO specialists, webmasters, and business owners can have in-depth knowledge with regards to what their customers need from their site. This makes personalizing their user experience or UX much easier.


Promote Quality Link Building

After the application of Google’s Penguin, many have decreed that link building is dead. However, that is not the case. Link building is still very much alive. As long you are link building to high quality and relevant sites, you’ll be okay. Having an AI on your side makes weeding irrelevant and low quality sites much faster.


The Future of AI in SEO

The future of AI in SEO is still a work in progress. There will still be updates and adjustments to be made before we get to the optimal performance that AI can give to SEO. For now, it is best that you prepare yourself with the current trends with regards to AI as well as adapt to it.

Moreover, it is no secret that many people fear the usage in more and more industries. There is fear that AIs can possibly turn against humans. There is also fear that AIs are going render human employees jobless. However, that is not the case. At least not yet. AIs are meant to assist humans in their task may it be about health or SEO.

They make people do more complex tasks while AIs can handle the mundane task in order to boost workers’ efficiency. If AIs replace the tedious jobs that people usually do, they would also open doors to new careers. Therefore, AI is supposed to be embraced and welcomed, not feared, especially in the digital marketing industry.

Like everything else in this dynamic world, change is inevitable. Change has been with us since the beginning of time and it will still be around to shape our way of living. It is one of the ways where we get to learn something new, adapt to it, and evolve.

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