Top 5 SEO Trends Predicted to Dominate 2017


SEO or search engine optimization is constantly evolving. Given the unpredictable nature of Google updates, search engine optimizers always need to stay ahead of the game. To that end, take a look at some of the game-changing SEO trends for the year 2017.

# Growth of Mobile &Accelerated Mobile Pages

The rising importance of mobile search and the diminishing role of desktops is one of the biggest trends of this year. According to recent reports, mobile usage surpassed that of desktop, for the first time in history. Internet users increasingly using their smartphones to access search engines have given rise to the adoption of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP is basically a protocol that enables web pages to load quickly on the mobile platform. Search engines like, Google, have already started favoring websites that have made the shift to AMP and are getting better indexing and enhanced visibility. To know how you can join the AMP bandwagon, visit

# Quality Content Over Quantity

In the SEO world, Google is a force to be reckoned with. Google is infamous for penalties on low-quality content that sends page rankings plummeting down. At the beginning of this year, Google rolled out yet another algorithm update, known as Fred, that penalizes websites for putting out a content of low value. Inbound marketing is more inclined towards content that is meant to inform and educate users. Businesses need to stop creating content with monetization in mind and re-evaluate their content strategy, if they wish to acquire the top position in SERP.

# Video Comes to the Forefront

Utilization of video can make your SEO strategy impregnable. Videos that can be socially shared can invite a lot of links and significantly contribute towards your SEO efforts. Also, good quality video content is capable of increasing the number of visitors, along with conversions. With 2 video platforms, Famebit and Anvato, acquired by Google, it is no more a secret that video is slowly, but steadily paving its way on top of the SEO charts.


# Local SEO Jumps to Prominence

Local SEO is naturally becoming more important, with the augmentation of mobile search. Users of mobile devices make use of this technology to acquire local information like, the address of a store, opening hours and so on. There is a pressing need for businesses to amplify their local SEO for improving visibility among the mobile users.

# Better Optimization of User Experience

Websites offering outstanding user experience are already favored by Google. This relates to mobile optimization, shorter load times and an overall exceptional browsing experience for users. SEO optimizers need to shift their focus on making websites more user-friendly. In fact, Google’s Fred update too endorses websites that are able to offer visitors and users a fantastic experience.

To be able to maintain or grow your position on the search engine result pages and stay ahead of the competition, keep in mind the above-mentioned SEO trends. SEO optimizers need to shake things up a bit this year and re-strategize to remain in the big league.

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