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Top 7 SEO Predictions That Will Heat Up 2018

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With the anticipation of many technological breakthroughs that most people are talking about, you might have missed the chance to understand that the future of SEO is already here. This is because we have already begun to note where SEO industry is heading just like in other digital marketing community. Besides, we have as well as observed the trends that are likely to continue to heat up in the coming year.

According to studies, artificial intelligence is becoming smarter by the day, and therefore SEOs are getting more accurate. With the technology advancing at a faster rate, we need to study and observe the trends in the present to be able to prepare for the future. Here we look at some of our 2018 SEO predictions according to the latest trends.


  1. Mobile

According to many experts, there will be an increase in the growth in voice search, AI advancements as well as the importance of mobile. Remember, SEO for mobile has been one of the breakthroughs over the past year making it the main talking point of the industry.

Google is working on mobile as the top priority for the coming year, which is not a surprise considering that most of the online traffic came from tablets and smartphones. Besides, most of the users are now turning from using a desktop in searching. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that you also optimize your website for mobile before 2018 to improve search rank. 


  1. Content

The other major prediction in 2018 is that there will be a demand for your on-page content, which will help in overcoming the current SEO issues like inaccurate or misused information, typos, and broken images.

Currently, there has been an improvement from the past days as the content contained on the website can now be relevant and informative. This is unlike the days when displaying content on a web page was hectic. In the coming year, we expect to see further improvement in this area to ensure that the content is not only informative and relevant but also engaging.

The projected improvements will enable you to appeal to your users as you can rely on the Google Search Console or Google Analytics to understand what keeps the readers interested. This is because these tools can show you the part that is view most, the number of returning and new visitors. This will significantly improve the writing process and increase the traffic of users to your website, especially for blogger outreach.


  1. AMPs

There is also a prediction that there will be an increase in the loading speed of the web pages. This is because over the past years Google has encouraged the implementation of AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which confirms that their main priority is to offer excellent user experience to its users.

According to a study by Google, users tend to bounce from a webpage if it takes longer to load while other users prefer using mobile devices. This explains why implementing AMPs to your website to increase the speed is important to you and your users.


  1. Link Building

Link building is another area that is expected to witness major improvements in the coming year. It is projected that connecting with a high-ranking website will not be enough in 2018, but you will need to connect a quality, high-level site. Link building helps in building domain authority and therefore it is a vital component of any website.

Building domain authority by linking your website to a website is a challenge as its effectiveness depends on another party. Here some of the areas that you should target when designing your website:

  •    Ensures that your website is not overloaded with advertisements
  •    It cannot be easily hacked
  •    Does not result in many 404 errors
  •    Has great and appealing appearance


  1. User Experience

Over the past few years, Google has been working on improving its algorithm and other vital areas to improve the user experience. Therefore, in 2018 it is advisable to focus on optimizing for a memorable user experience as it one of the most crucial SEO aspects. This requires ensuring that the website provides an excellent call to action, easily accessible information and is easy to navigate.

If you want to develop a site that offers excellent user experience, put yourself in the shoes of the users. This will ensure that you can design your website to fully user-friendly, which will make those visiting want to return in future.


  1. CTR Data

CTR Data is expected to be more useful in SEO in the coming year as Google is moving towards grading UX as the main ranking factor. However, this will be bad news for those who have a website where the users are frequently bouncing from the web page, as this will not provide a favorable UX. This will have a negative impact on the ranking of the page, and therefore there is great need to ensure that you have a user-friendly website with informative, relevant and engaging content.


  1. Search Intent and Keywords

Keywords will continue to be a major part that influences your website’s ranking even in 2018. Consequently, it is essential to think about what your target will be searching that will lead to your website. Short-tailed keywords are competitive, and therefore they make it difficult for your website to rank well. On the other hand, long-tailed keywords are more likely to lead your target users to your website, as they should mirror the standard search queries that they are likely to search.



Overall, SEO practices are increasingly becoming more credible, thorough and accurate due to the fast advancing technology and the emergence of advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. The article has discussed some of possible improvements and changes that we are likely to witness in the coming year in the SEO industry. These include the need to optimize your website for mobile devices, improving the user experience and inventing effective ways to ensure users get quality and engaging content. Making the above changes and preparing for these predictions will enable you to remain competitive and successive in 2018.

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