Advantages and Drawbacks of 24 hour Telephone Answering Service To Enhance Businesses


The industrial outrage since the industrial revolution have grown sky-high and there is no looking back now. Competitions are stiff and it is difficult to cast away a certain company providing full power services to their customers offline as well as online. It is not possible for any small or medium sized industry to defeat the brand which is already dominating the market place. But you can certainly give it a worthy competition by planning your business objectives and tactics deliberately.

Vendors providing answering services can uplift your business to venture the success of your organisation directly or indirectly. With the help of telephone answering services an organisation can distribute enough people, time and money for a sustainable economic growth.

Advantages of telephone answering services

  1. Availability

The availability of a 24 hour answering service is noteworthy. Agents are ready to take your queries at any time. They are available 24*7*365. There are no chances of a missed call or following the instructions of an automated voice. A virtuous customer service never miss their target clients. Moreover, the customers are impressed when they don’t have to drop the receiver after listening to an automated voice. Most importantly answering services helps in the growth of a business and the profits are multiplied every day.

  1. Nonstop customer service

A nonstop 24*7*365 customer support centre not only facilitates the customer with their needs and queries but also can make better transaction of products and services. Service providers entrust representatives with a script which guides them while building a conversation with the client. Ensure that your agents are proficient enough to understand customer’s needs and assist them accordingly without a hint of reluctance.

  1. Cost-reduction with modified solution

24 hour telephone answering service is an efficient method to save unnecessary expenditure of an organisation. You can satisfy your business requirements for less than a $100 per month. Agents work 24*7 in shifts to maintain relation with the pre-existing clients and attract other new prospective clients.

  1. Incorporated email service

Technological modification have simplified the process of answering services by efficiently integrating voice to email and fax to email feature services.


 Just like there are advantages of an answering service there are also some drawbacks. Although the drawbacks could be outweigh according to an organisation needs and benefits from the service. Many of these could be overcome with assured measurements.

  1. No control over the phone

Agents must be directed to the fact that the phone calls cannot be filtered. Every call is supposed to be answered no matter whether there is a ranting or a sophisticated caller on the other side of the bridge. Even customers cannot place a call deciding that he/she will only speak to one particular agent. There is no control over an upright 24 hour telephone answering service.

  1. Confidential issue

There might be an issue of confidentiality if the service provider is not careful enough with customer’s data. It is the rightful job of an agent to sustain the reputation of an organisations and to do this he/she has to be very cautious, not to reveal personal information and details to any one accept the client or the customer himself/herself.

  1. Language and accent problem

Answering services are mostly shipped overseas and therefore the barrier of language and accent could be a problem for customers of a 24 hour telephone answering service. Limited support could be an issue and the agent might have difficulty in answering to queries.

 Answering services are a great help to the small and medium based industries to commence better service and their image among the targeted customers or clients by availing a unified, simplified and cohesive communication feature.



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