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Benefits Of Tape Storage Systems Every Small Business Need To Know

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Tape storage systems are system which store information on magnetic tape using forms of digital recording. Modern tape storage is normally found in either cassette tapes, or in cartridge form, with the form of the storage depending on what type of tape drive is used to read\write the data. Spectra is a service which provides new and used tape storage systems for all your data storage needs.


Why should we use tape storage systems?


• Capacity –tape cartridges can store more than six terabytes on a single tape. Rather than taking up huge amounts of space, companies can now store huge amounts of data in a far smaller amount of space.


• Performance – Rather than waiting periods of time for data to be retrieved, tape storage allows companies to retrieve data instantly – the normal speed for data retrieval is now dependent on data which can move over one terabyte an hour per tape storage device.


• Low cost –there are many different types of data storage in today’s world, but tape storage space – in part due to the smaller physical space it takes up – is the most affordable option for most people who need to store huge amounts of data.


• Energy reduction – tape drives us less power and make less heat than other forms of physical data storage, which leads to less costs in energy.


• Movability – the way in which data storage works on tapes means that they are the only form of physical data storage which are easy to move in the case of an emergency or a disaster.


• Reliability – there can be issues with all of the forms of physical data storage, but tape storage is the least likely to fail in its job of storing data, especially considering that it is less prone to the more insidious types of damage such as viruses which can attack other forms of data.


• Longer lasting – tape storage has been shown to last for longer than other forms of storage with less data loss over time.


• Scalability – the format of tape storage allows users to make changes to the scale of their data storage relatively easily – when your demand for more space grows in business, it is easy to add the needed storage.


• Compatible – tape storage is compatible with a lot of different applications, which can make it stand out from other data storage methods, which can only be compatible with a few programmes and hardware.


• Google uses it – if the above isn’t enough for you, consider that Google itself stores data on tapes.


Tape storage is something which will become more focused on in years to come, particularly as more and more of the big companies turn to it. The guide to tape storage is something which can show a lot of smaller businesses how to adopt it for their own needs, and how to adapt it to the size and strength that they will need to store any data they might have.

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