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Best Tips for New Forex Trader

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As a newbie in the field of forex trading, getting lost, overwhelmed, or confused is easy with all the information that is on the internet about forex trading and forex brokers. The best thing to do is taking it slow and learning proper trading from experienced forex brokers without a rush. The tips below are perfect for a person that is new to this trade. You need to absorb these tips if you want to be successful in the trade.


Do not jump in without education


It always amazes how individuals risk their money without obtaining the right trading education. After losing a good sum of money, they start looking for education. You can compare this method to a person flying a plane without training, crashes the plane, almost dies, then goes to school to learn flying. Do not be among the traders that use this model to gain education for trading. Start by saving money for education so that you learn how to trade properly before starting to trade and money will start getting attracted to you.


Do not put stop losses close


This technique is big and takes many traders a lot of lost money and time to understand. You need to place a safe distance between stop losses and entry prices. If you end up placing them too close, you will end up getting stopped for a loss before the market getting the chance to move towards your favor. Your idea of trade might be right but placing them too close might get you stopped before your anticipated move happens.


Do not trade a lot


Experienced forex brokers will tell you that the steady and slow wins the race. Trading with a high frequency will open you to the world of emotional trading mistakes that might destroy your self-esteem and trading account. You do not have to trade so much to make a lot of money.


Be realistic


Being realistic is the most vital aspect for a new trader. The truth is that you cannot quit your job and start working from the beach when your account has two thousand USD. If someone is advising you on quitting your job, you need to run away because they are scammers and they do not understand what they are saying. No other occupation in the world possesses an upside like trading. However, it comes at a steep cost and not easy for the mind.


You will come across a lot of self-sabotage mistakes and mental traps along your trading journey. Being realistic and grounded is what will keep you on the success route in trading. In case you start getting signs of the dollar, you will over leverage and over-trade your account, making you lose money that you were to gain.


Money management


The first rule you will get from forex brokers is survival. Every trader possesses losing trades but going broke will get you to a place that will never help you to win. You need to give staying in the game a top priority. Beginning and consistently losing traders focus on creating a winning strategy. Although a robust trading strategy is important, having a rational and disciplined trading attitude and solid money management technique will get you far at the end of the day.




Best forex brokers will advise you not to risk more than three percent of your capital per trade. They also say that you need to have enough money that can last you for at least forty trades. Keeping your emotions under control will make you a winner. Learning these techniques will make the profession dynamic, fun, and exciting.

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