7 Ways Startup Businesses Can Get More Traffic

Getting started is the hardest part of running a business. If you’ve already secured your funding, developed a website, and began marketing your products or services, then congratulations! You’re already doing great, but if you’re still looking to increase traffic to your website, check out the following options.

Hiring an SEO Company

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” If you want people to be able to find your website in the wonderful world of Google, you should consider hiring an SEO Firm. It’s always great to have professionals on hand for your business needs. The folks in this business can optimize your web page to turn up higher on the list in search results.

Try Adwords

Google Adwords lets you set a budget and keywords. You decide how much you’d like to spend, then pick keywords which reflect your products, services, and area. When people search for any of those keywords, your website will appear at the top of their results. You pay on a per-click basis, but ultimately you are in control of how much you spend which is excellent.

Place Ads

You should always employ a plethora of advertising methods to the extent that you can afford. If you have a car, you could turn it into a mobile billboard by placing a window decal with your website on the back. You can also place ads in local papers and on the radio.

Start a Blog

Make a blog related to your business. You can either write for it yourself or hire freelancers to fill the pages with good content. Contain links and special mentions to drive readers toward your site.

Get on Social Media

You should create social media accounts for your business that are separate from your business website. Share interesting, relevant material (possibly from your blog)on your accounts regularly. You can post daily or weekly. This is a great job to delegate to an assistant, but you can also develop ahead and schedule posts to go out at a later time.

Make Videos

People respond more strongly to videos and images than to text alone. If you’re not a professional photographer, do your best to make a fun video or capture cool images related to your business. Posting these with a short caption draws attention.

There’s Always Shark Tank

It may not be easy to get on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” but it no doubts drives traffic! Some guests have even had their website go down as a result of all the extra traffic. If this isn’t a plausible option for you, you can definitely look into local showcases and news channels willing to let you occupy a slot.

Get creative and have fun! Businesses that show their humanity are the most popular. Share what you know, what you love, and what makes you laugh with your customers. Include links everywhere, and make a call to action. If you already have loyal customers, ask them to share your content. It doesn’t cost you or them a dime! If you combine professional SEO services with all of the DIY options, you should create a powerhouse of traffic generation!


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