Must Have Things on Your Blog from Day One


Blogging has changed the lives of people all over the world. Blogging has not just proved its worth as the most efficient way to make money online, but it has also improved the way of living.

Some people are making millions of dollars with the help of blogging, but the same time some bloggers are not able to make anything.

Why there is a difference between earning of bloggers?

The answer is simple! A blogger can only make money from blogging if his blog look professional and the same time he is offering the best help.

There are things that every blogger must have on their blog to make it look professional.

Today I am going to share about the must have things that have helped me to become a professional blogger, turned my blog eAskme into a brand and will also help you if you have them on your blog.

1) Important Pages:

If you give a close look to any of the professional blogs, then you will find out that every successful blog has some favorite pages that are known as essential pages of the blog. Without these crucial pages, you cannot think of making your blog look professional and helpful.

About Us:

About us page is the most visited page of any blog. To build the trust, you must understand the importance of about us page. It is the page that tells a reader what your blog is all about and how it can help the visitor. About us also talks about the team or founder of the blog and tells in-depth information to its readers to make them feel good and build trust.

Contact Us:

Noone can contact you if there are no contact details on your blog.

From day one you must have a contact page on your blog. A good contact page not only contains the contact details but also has a contact form where visitors can enter their queries, question, suggestion or inquiries.

Privacy Policy & Disclaimer:

Privacy policy and disclaimer are also the essential pages of a blog. In privacy policy, you tell the reader about the third party networks, cookies policy and privacy policy of your blog. In disclaimer page, you say to the visitor about the property of your blog.


The sitemap is also one of the most important pages. It may not be much use for the reader, but it is beneficial for search engines to crawl your blog content and rank in search results quickly.

2) Social Sharing Widget:

Do you know that Google counts the social signals as ranking factor that means the more social share and likes your posts attract the more points they have to rank high in search results?

But you cannot do it alone. You need hundreds of people who are sharing the content on social networks. You can do it quickly by adding social sharing widget on your blog.

A social sharing widget gives the ability to the reader to share the post on his own social media profile.

3) Email Subscription Service:

The success of a blog measure by the number of subscribers it has. That means from the day one you must have an emails subscription service active on your blog to collect the email ids and make people subscribe your blog.

Email Subscription also helps you to send the automatic email notification to your readers whenever you update an old post or publish a new post.

4) Commenting System:

It is the job of a blogger to make the readers engage with his content. You not only need a social sharing widget but also requires a commenting system that will allow your readers to leave the comment.
Commenting system helps you to engage with readers and build trust.

Two most popular commenting systems are;

5) Search bar:

If you keep on blogging then one day you may have more than 1000 posts on your blog, and it will not be easy for you to show all the posts on your homepage.

To make people find them exciting and old posts of your blog, you must have a search widget on your blog.
This helps the reader search for answers on your blog, and you will get more traffic to your old posts.


If you are a serious blogger or you want your blogger to look professional, then you must have these things on your blog from day one. Remember these things not only help your blog look professional but also help you to gain loyal readers, boost traffic and improve your search engine ranking.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

Gaurav Kumar is Founder of eAskme. He is the online coach,motivational speaker, blog consultant and affiliate marketer. Interviewed by various publications and published on over 150 networks. His blogging journey has helped him become a 50k Blogger. He is the founder of eAskme. He is the online coach,motivational speaker, blog consultant and affiliate marketer. Interviewed by various publications and published on over 150 networks. His blogging journey has helped him to become a 50k Blogger.

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